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The Booksie Classic House

Bestsellers can emerge from real life paranormal horror at a vulnerable age.... Read More
This book is about a boy rock name Blackberry. 2 years later, he goes through puberty which is the rock cycle. But during this years, he has a very hard times..... Read More
Once, there was a large and as it seemed peaceful city of Los Angeles. But peace was just an illusion for one billionaire family of Ragoshin, known as the richest person on earth. And like any rich person he and his family experienced good times thanks to their wallets, but… Read More
Ana I am. I go through the time, bodies, ages and nations. I like woman company but the male company not indifferent me. My victims sometimes Holy, sometimes cursed, persist and become legions. Invisible I am, but the body gaunt from my host, symbolizes our union. His fate is not… Read More
Emma realises there is more to life than living with her unappreciative mother so she shacks up with her rich bestfriend Amy and starts a new university. It sounds just marvellous! Or so they thought. When everything seems to be going ok, things starts to get bad, to worst, to… Read More

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September 23, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

My desire to create a bestselling masterpiece. Read More
The book is designed to help aspiring novelists to write a blockbuster at first attempt and hit fame and fortune. It is also a must-read for teachers and students, academics and researchers, journalists and the general reader desiring to ride out the recession by exploring a successful career in the… Read More
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