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The Booksie Classic House

how a person who heals lives falls prey to all the pain and misgivings of the world and moves on to save the love of his life but in a weird ways. Read More

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This book is still in its early stages, I have written an outline that currently has 30 chapters but as I go on I find more that I need to add. Content is subject to change. This book is about a group of teenagers sent to war by their government… Read More

Poem / Other

February 15, 2016

This is for my new daughter. I love you Beth baby Read More

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"Well, f*ck it in a bucket!" Meet Beth: She's soon turning 15, and is here to challenge the rising sexual depiction of girls her age, above and below. She's determined to prove to the world that heterosexual boys and girls can be just friends. But will it truly work? Or… Read More
Chad and Beth had always been friends, but eventually became more. After the wedding, they had eight good years before Beth succumbed to cancer. Chad demands an accounting from God, and to his surprise, God answers. What God has to say changes Chad forever. Read More

Tags: god, cancer, deal, chad, beth

Beth likes Greg. Greg likes Lucy. Lucy likes Brad. Brad likes Greg. What could go wrong? Read More
This story focuses upon a girl named Cheryl who is trying to find out who her grandmother really is. Read More

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Then you came along... Read More

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Poem / Poetry

October 12, 2011

About a sister in Christ Read More

Book / Young Adult

September 16, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

[Completed] Maia Frauncor has always played the role everyone has given her. From the pristine look her parents have assigned—and yes it means falling into the steps of her father, an astronomer. To the image her friends have of her. Truth is only a small share of people—her siblings—know the… Read More
So this are the characters for my upcoming novel Learning to Play hope you like them :) Read More
This is a story about Archie the Scottish Shepard who accidentally travels in time. I wrote it when I was 8 or 9 and it was for school, so the ending is rather abrupt. I'm still quite proud of how I wrote it with no help when I was so… Read More
A girl with a troubled past, a boy who's been nothing but a band geek his whole life, and a boy from her past who messed up a long time ago. Read More
Beth and John have been hiking together for years and today seem like any other but someone or something is also on the trail. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Beth's new converses were a good luck charm. Since buying them, she had landed herself a job, passed a course she was sure she'd been failing and gotten to regional with her basketball team. Now, however, they had thrown her a problem. Tom Young. He was a nice, funny boy… Read More
Ash was a normal kid, but when he was killed in a shark attack a week before his 17th birthday, his life changed completely. Read More

Book / Young Adult

September 02, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

Just another normal summer has come in Oceanside. And its non-stop parties and days at the beach for Maeve and her friends. Until Luka Harrison moves in that is. That's when life turns upside down. This summer, things are going to be different. New relationship with form, old ones may… Read More

Short Story / Other

October 08, 2008

Highschool's over and Elizebeth has no idea what she's going to do from now on. When tragedy strikes, however, her choice is made. Really short, I made it for school. Read More
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