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Arizona Jones is a deputy taking after her late father. She will do anything in her power to find the man that left her father for dead. As she digs deeper into the case her life begins to crumble before her and then she's met face to face with Miami's… Read More

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Dear husband ... Read More
When I feel there’s no turning back when someone breaks my heart I whisper silently to Jesus and He speaks to me of forgiveness and new starts Read More
Her ex is back. Brad Whitlock is more than just Kim's ex, he's like a brother, a friend. And whatever happened between them, the feelings, the sex, it may have been a temporal thing to both of them. Yet, some things don't just die so easily. Especially not when his… Read More
We can't carry everyone's burdens. Read More

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Beware the lady who bakes poison pies Read More
Passion and corruption betrays true love Read More
A continuation of Hellward Bound Part I. Read More
Lysar Da'Ren is a mage imprisoned on an island for murder. Rumor has it that no guard can remain on the island longer than a month without succumbing to madness. Sherym Tor, the latest guard in a long list of them, seems determined to prove stronger than most. Da'Ren plots… Read More
It has been more than fifteen years since the young Prince, Troy the second of his name was crowned new King of Ammarun. And in these fifteen years of peace, the King have made a family with his queen. Four children, a daughter and three sons. Lord of Jendas Rift,… Read More

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Death Beckons Me is a story about vampires, romance, and betrayal. It follows the story of Milania as she goes from battling depression to falling in love, and having to make the decision of her life. This is an excerpt from my book Death Beckons Me. If you decide you… Read More
At BG, baggage means secrets -and new girl Kaye Burchart, happens to posses an entire wardrobe. Unlike normal teenagers, where humiliation is enough Kaye is exposed to a new type of cruel where ruining someone's life is the victorious end. Is there a line she wouldn't cross to keep her… Read More

Book / Fantasy

April 17, 2022

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Kaiser is a young man entrusted with missions from the Duke of Abdera, the kingdom that he calls home. Soon after he delivers the unfortunate news of his last scouting trip, he missteps and ultimately finds his name tarnished. Now he leaves to seek his own truth regarding the scaled… Read More
What happens when a small-town baker catches the eye of an NFL star player? It's basically about two vastly different people who meet and fall in love, but due to their different lifestyles, they face immense problems. Will their love be able to withstand the storm? Will they prove that… Read More
Obo was thinking of leaving the orphanage, a dreadful place he had to call 'home'. It would be better for his sister, Maya, and she was all he cared about. He could probably ask his friends for a place to stay, or he could probably stay at the café he… Read More

Poem / Non-Fiction

March 10, 2022

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Book / Romance

March 06, 2022

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Luke,a 21 year boy,after being jailed for theft,has to go to Rons and finish his education.There he meets teens who are as cruel as life in jail.What happens when he meets Maxine. Read More

Poem / Poetry

February 07, 2022

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As Human, When she tried to Lean on, Her fear is betrayal. Hey there, Well, everyone in our life must have felt betrayed by someone very close to us and who holds the utmost value in our lives. And what do we do after that? How do we cope with… Read More
If you strongly feel a certain way about something, is it okay to share it with others, even if everyone will disagree with you? As the second week of school approaches for him, Takashi Kinomoto, the transfer student at Chicago High School, must prepare for an argument in which everyone… Read More

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In which an evil pirate fears death and will go to all means to prevent it. Sequel to THE CURSE OF TORRO...not a required read but encouraged. Read More
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