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When a man is young he pines for all woman. Nevertheless, wrecklessness and lust can cloud anyone's judgment in some of the worst ways imaginable... Read More
A memory of passion... Read More
sophia is starting grade 12 at a new school called st.ursulas in johannesburg..she gave up the idea of going out with guys coz all the guys she went out with are after one thing... but what happens on the first day when she catchs the heart breaking hot guy called… Read More

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This is a poem depicting a woman's feelings regarding her lovers constant betrayal Read More
Running from your past doesn't solve anything, hiding things in the past doesn't make things better; But whats inside of you has to perish! The choices we make are the ultimate tools to forming one's destiny. This is a complex story about fate and its consequences. Choose your path! You… Read More

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Through a secret black budget project, experiments are being conducted on innocent people by the power hungry and corrupt. A small group of those involved decide enough is enough and attempt to stop this by exposing the horrible nature of the experiments and the abuse the subjects of these cruel… Read More
about a girl with shape changing powers, having to chose between two paths. Love or death Read More

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When everything you thought you knew becomes a lie. Read More

Book / Romance

February 14, 2016

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Brooklyn Canvill is a typical chic living under the custody of her powerful father. But when fate decided to play some games on her, she found herself tangled on the bankrupting business of her father, an arrange marriage to a dangerous man, and a love affair with an enemy. Read More

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Before 1967, the Super Middleweight Division in boxing simply did not exist. Therefore, it was not uncommon for a middleweight to challenge a boxer from the light-heavyweight division. In this this story, we follow Clay Robinson, the middleweight champion of the world, as he challenges Light Heavyweight champion Muarice Boucher… Read More
Three ball players are sitting in a dugout during the afternoon. There are other players, bats, gloves, and seeds scattered throughout the dugout. At the steps of the dugout stands their manager. The three ball players mind the volume of their conversation. Their team trails by 5 runs, and it… Read More

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The story of a man that gets betrayed by those closest to him. Read More

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written by joinus malunde. a short stroy about an act of betrayal between friends Read More
A summary of how cruel humans can be atimes Read More
Changes do happen. Time do tastes defeat. Read More

Book / Young Adult

January 16, 2016

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It's been a year since Caleb killed Kano. It's been peaceful until vampires start acting up again. Caleb's strength is tested by monsters, vampires, and even his friends and family. Read More

Script / Romance

January 14, 2016

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Grace Landcasser not satisfied with her Fiance, Kyle,asks Selena to help her make Kyle fall in love with her so she could break up easily with Kyle and move on with her secret boyfriend, Chase....It's a fair game but feelings grow and it gets more complicated as Kyle and Selena… Read More
Do you ever wonder why people behave the way they do? Do you wish you could get into the minds of those who commit certain acts, so that you can be assured never to think those thoughts? Follow me as i escort you through the greatest betrayal to ever occur.… Read More
Let me tell you a story about a simple country girl and a handsome city boy, and their love story. It is one that entails heartache, love, understanding, passion, trust, and a bond that is rare to find. Warning that this story is not for everyone, proceed with caution. Read More
Jeff is running from criminals, death, and himself. Read More
A story from Zimbabwe,about Jonh,a farm boy and his troubled life Read More

Book / Romance

December 08, 2015

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“please don’t let them take me away,” i whispered to brother, tears running down my cheeks. he looked away and i knew. he couldn’t stop them. a little girl have to leave all that she has known, because a woman with the same blue eyes as her whispered, "we finally… Read More
Who could ever think life could be so difficult for one young girl? She was always dominate then her own family. Stronger out of the litter of siblings, and hard-headed. But who could have thought "They." dominated her in a world she didn't know that could be so cruel, learning… Read More
Do you understand the feeling of wanting to be possessed by the person you love most? Do you know the feeling of letting yourself hang on every single syllable that fell out of their mouths? Do you miss the burning pain they left you with after they were through with… Read More
can you betray yourself? well people do lie on themselves, do you? Read More
That feeling when thousands of years of instinct tear through your system. When your blood sings and boils, burning your skin. When you smell smoke, taste blood, and breath fire. Read More
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