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I am writing this script at work on my breaks so excuse the typos. I am not able to see exactly what I am typing at times. I am using my cellphone to write this script. This script is about a writer who lost the love of her life.… Read More
nisha, a 36 year old, divorcee, works as an art curator and mostly lives alone. she has two kids a boy (13), a girl (11), who lives with her husband. she longs for a companion and opens an online dating profile. online dating makes this woman a pawn in… Read More
Logline: Away from the big city, this is about the journey of a little boy who leaves his home and travels to another part of the country. He gets adopted and grows up to become an army man. His service takes him to a remote jungle in North east… Read More
this is just a short personal piece i wrote about loss of love and how that might feel like. Read More

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Not long after giving birth, Judy starts acting strange, and Nick soon learns that's not all he has to worry about... Sequel to Camping Trip. Read More
This is the take of how an ordinary human named Piper became the Evil Demon Queen otherwise known as Satan. Along her journey to find the entrance to hell, she meets a few angels who try stopping her before its too late. But she also meets a few rogue… Read More

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January 21, 2018

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This poem is a reflection of the world from which it is drawn. It talks about how those very close to us betrays the love and trust we have for them - how our closest friends stab us in a warm embrace and the lessons that accompany the betrayal.… Read More
Short script that will make it into my book. Read More
I stopped thinking with my mind & let my body take the lead... Flashbacks of her & I together started to run through my head heating up my body even more ... I had tasha against her couch slowly grinding into her while our lips were doing their on… Read More

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This is what I dreamt... Read More

Book / Romance

January 08, 2018

Aura is a young woman working under the apprenticeship of Dr. Jacobs, a handsome young doctor. Still in love with her childhood romance, she begins a casual relationship with Dr. Jacobs that forms into something more. Stuck between her first love and this new relationship that is blossoming, who… Read More

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You would think that living in California would be a dream come true for most but not for Crystal Night. Sure she has a high end job but nothing can replace the guilty and empty feeling of what she has done and the lives she affected. Returning to her… Read More

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Valerie Vontaine has been the talk of Pulridge town the day she was released from jail after 10 years behind bars for burning down a bakery shop she used to work at, the night before Christmas. Now that she has returned, rumors of the hot, sky red night begin… Read More

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December 13, 2017

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Psychology- The study of the mind... Just for to remind... Read More

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This poem is on the nature of humans. A topic I find interesting and ought to be food for thought. Read More
“I incessantly look for water in wells dug by men, and I have drunk enough sand to prove it.” Craig D. Lounsbrough Read More

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This is something I've just realized from my best friend. Read More

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One, a disgraced bodyguard blamed for a crime that he did not commit. The second, a fallen hero who must solve a riddle to uncover his most dangerous foe. Set in the Aquatic Region of The City of Diamond, two men must use their mastery over supernatural powers in… Read More
A young Vedanta with an undergraduate degree in hand stands at the crossroad of his life from where he doesn’t know which path to take. Like so many of his generation, he is confused and unable to take a clear cut decision. One day while shuffling through the vacation brochures… Read More
Anna has feelings for a certain boy but when she tells her friend things turn out wrong and love is harder to get Read More

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If I've chosen to break my diet for you, you had better be there Read More

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How would you feel if you knew that I lied to you - because you needed a friend, not a lover? Read More
You weren't even mine and yet you managed to break my heart. Read More

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October 13, 2017

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Alexandria and Titus were both done with love. Alexandria was faithful to a man who abused her ,cheated, and lie to keep her finally escaping his deceit she has a chance meeting with Titus who is suffering from a broken heart as they both retreat to Miami where the… Read More

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October 06, 2017

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''there are two types of pains , one that hurts you and the other that changes you '' there is always a story that changes your life ...... and that is the time when life happened for you . people fall in love accidentally , sometimes purposefully . What happens… Read More
Ancient race in state of danger Read More

Tags: love, betrayal, tamil

Poem / Romance

September 14, 2017

a lament of broken trust,betrayal,broken heart,denial. Read More

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