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This poem depicts our feelings when betrayed. In life, no love is perfect. But when it comes to open betrayal, hearts are broken. From when life was harmonious, through the hurdles until a new hope resides in the lover's heart, this poem tells more. Read More

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A short story set in a medieval fantasy setting, involving secrets and betrayals. ! CONTENT WARNINGS: swearing; moderate frequency, strong violence; some instances themes; criminality, sexual threat Read More

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A poem inspired on unfaithfulness. Something I wrote in the fall of 2009. Read More
When she was a teenager, Laura Townsend accidentally witnessed a murder. Now, four years later, the gang that abducted her is on a mission in Italy. Their goal? Hold the president's daughter hostage until the president surrenders all control to them. Ridiculous, right? Laura seems to think so, too... Read More

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June 12, 2017

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A poem I wrote back in March 2nd, 2010. Read More
Love, at its very core, is sacrifice. Like the moon serving its purpose as our sun on the night sky. "Twilight Feathers" discusses exactly the two distant yet closely the same topics. Love and Sacrifice. Twilight is a time when the day is almost over but it is not night… Read More

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June 02, 2017

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Kellan Archer's big dream was to enter into Royal Arts a gym for people to work out were he can compete with international trained athletes in the National Sport Competition, He has always been a great runner even with his memory loss, he is determined to make it and be… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The disturbance infidelity can cause Read More
Parrot under the Pine Tree is the powerful expression of love. In the girl’s heart; it’s subtle, sublime and eternal. But in the boy’s heart; it’s earthy, insecure and restless. The anxiety brings the two young hearts close. In the clean and tranquil environs of Kausani, Vedanta inadvertently meets Saranga… Read More

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May 22, 2017

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And to think that I settled when I was younger. Bitter memories from May 2009 Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A metaphor of how one can be used, where the user walks away clean. Read More

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"Wow! How true is this! Excellent comparison with the aluminum and stainless steel. Definitely a write to shelve!" Read More

just something that came to me while i was baked one time. Read More
Louise, biggest mistake is trusting her sister Nadia. She tought that she will never betrayed her, but she was wrong. She suffer a pain, that can't be mend by anything, she suffer a pain that making her changed. Yet, it changed when he meet Hunter. Hunter West, a secondary teacher… Read More
Basically its about a boy Max who fell in love with Mckenna and when things get rough he decides to leave her etc.... more details soon Read More
James avenges the rape and murder of his daughter. Things spin out of control when he helps a friend avenge the killing of his mother and money becomes a goal. The best kept secret is one you don’t tell. Read More
What tag's go along better then "friendship" and "alcohol." #Not giving away any spoilers. Read More
A thousand years ago, the White Order made a terrible mistake, fusing a child with the Sphere of Death and inadvertently creating the future Dark King. Now Zerah hopes to atone for the past sins by repeating them, merging those with the right blood - from each of the remaining… Read More
Summary: This poem is about a couple. In which the girl is a true lover and the boy is a gamer. The girl knows that the boy is just using her to showcase her in front of his friends. Despite the fact, she already knows his reality, she isn't able… Read More

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Hermione and Ginny have grown more and more annoyed with how the boys have been acting since coming back to Hogwarts. After 4 months of cheating from both Harry and Ron, Hermione's completely done and Ginny is a wreck. What sucks is that even though she knows what Harry's doing… Read More
I am only of use when it is convenient most to you....I see it every day. I was once troubled with being the one who would do such things. Karma decided I should try it on for size, I deemed the price tag far above what I were willing to… Read More
To every truth and lie there is a shadow, a reason, not all of them are pretty, especially when they take away a part of your life... Or all of it... Remember, the shadow of the truth is something you need to know... Or you will end up being nothing… Read More

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March 29, 2017

About a daughter asking her mother why she is being so cruel to her Read More
A short poem of whats to come in my next book "Lust"... Read More

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What if the Seeing Eye People ( prank from Improv Everywhere, a New York City-based group pranksters, cooperated with Buzzfeed ) is real and is not only based in New York but all over the US? What if you can get a service there? Ace Eggleton is one of the… Read More
War Doll is a fantasy/ fiction, set in a fictitious world; where different Empires are engaging in Warfare for an unknown reason; even the Princes fighting for their Grandfather's Empire are unaware of the real issue. Within the tricky environment of palace politics, conspiracy, love and revenge; Prince Alexander will… Read More
I fell in love with a friend who I trusted. I was wrong. Read More
A woman away from home is offered an encounter too good to miss Read More
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