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Poem / Poetry

October 16, 2018

Once again I was playing around with rhyme and memories from a time long ago rose to the surface. A lyric poem on addiction and romance, it is not the most life affirming piece I have ever done but rather a slice of the seedier side of life where small… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

After Riley loses his Father at a young age he has trouble coming to terms with it and his father's secret. He pushes those who love him away. Until she walks into his life. Can Ayana be Riley's lifeline. This is the second book of Love Is and is told… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Abbey Sparks life was devastated, when her heart was broken. She thought she would never love again. That is until, a new boy, named Ryder shows up. Read More
Just a quick story I wanted to write. please let me know what you think of it and anything i could improve on Read More
;^;....Just how life is I guess... Read More
Scarlett Cartel never wanted the life she was pushed into. She wasn't that kind of person. She thought she knew Jason. Guess not. Question is, what happens when she does what he says for one last time...only for something so much bigger than him or her to happen? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Story of 3 unlikely survivors and their quest to figure out what caused the zombie outbreak. Read More
Hawk (Aadon Jr) Is the one and only WereHawk in the Western Clan of Werebeings. When The Poachers force Hawk to send his wife ahead he must go through an Odyssey of a journey to reunite with his wife and clan. But.... the journey though Poacher land change him from… Read More
Emberess Montgomery has ran away from home. She stumbles upon a town in the mountains known as 'Silent Hill.' The town holds valuable secrets and darkness unlike anything she had ever experienced before. But when she is befriended by Claudia Wolf and the Order, will she chose God, or will… Read More
When an Auditore moves back to florence in an attempt to bring her family back to power again but is captured by the new Borjia she does the unexpected and agrees to marry their leader in an exchange for power even though it means cutting off the ties her family… Read More

Book / Young Adult

November 22, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

"But gravity hurts you made it so sweet, til I woke up on-on the concrete...." Anna knows exactly how that feels. Her boyfriend just cheated on not with some whore, but with her best friend Danielle. Can she keep it together before she fucking loses her mind from greif,… Read More

Book / Romance

July 20, 2012

Meet Lillie Montgomery, a seventeen year old girl, looking for a place in this world. After four homes in six months, her walls are built up high around her, can anyone break through? Could she maybe even fall in love? Read More
Cailleen is now eighteen and has grown up in a secret order of assasins. Her life is perfect, to her standards, until she in engaged to a man she doesnt love. When things take a turn for the worst on their wedding day Cailleen Goes on the adventure of a… Read More
a story about a girl who found everything she was looking for in a man and lost him faster than she fell Read More

Book / Other

April 19, 2012

Greg has loved Zinnia for years and he believes she feels the same. Until he finds out she's really a spy whose only mission is to kill. Her target: Greg Santers, the rebel leader. Zinnia trys to forget her mission until she sees her fiance kill. Read More
This is a crazzzy poem I found, I wrote it to someone about nine years ago.. believe it or not, he and I are the best of friends right now.... wow huh... enjoy and laugh.... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

this is about my mother turning my siblings against me Read More
A poem i wrote in anger & i girl who had the world at her feet, but abused the fuck out of it until it left Read More

Tags: truth, betrayl

Acelia Marie Swift has won the Miss Teen Universe Beauty Pageant 2 times in a row. She has the perfect boyfriend, Todd, and an amazing bestie, Kate. She grew up traveling the globe every summer. And she's bound to be valedictorian at her private all-girls school in Pacific Beach, Californa.… Read More
i cared and then he disapeared, and left us all with unanswered questions Read More
Love in theroy, is the best thing anyone could possible aquire. Or at least that's what Alexis thought before her heart was ripped to shreads......then slowly mended back together. Alexis has lots of friends, Ella, Sara, Elisa, Liam, Ashley, Carli and not to forget her loving twin Shane. Shane has… Read More
just a poem that i thought up. tell me what yall folks think. Read More

Tags: death, poem, fear, betrayl

Sometimes you dont know who to trust .... You dont know who to run to or which way to go ... You dont know what kind of people there are when the moon comes up .... Dont know who could save you and keep you sane ... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Even the vampires who make the rules can break them. Without even meaning to, Aro ends up with a child that he takes into his life. His child that was his by his very own blood. A girl named Sausha Vakin. As Sausha grows older, she starts learning more than… Read More

Book / Literary Fiction

August 28, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

living in southeast England , was hard. Especially if you lived with a wealthty family, were beautiful, and had a quick wit and sharp toung like Emilia Rotchord. When her mother meets Owen Price, a rake who makes love with anything with a pulse, and forced Emilia and Owen together… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Nyx just killed her soulmate, and now she is getting ready to kill his family to save there souls. Will a mysterious stranger come along to distract her from the love she shortly and rarely felt? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Layla Cunningham isn't a normal teenage girl. Instead of having intrests in make-up, shopping, and boys, Layla prefers books, the Internet and the nights sky. But when she has a surreal dream about a boy called Zeke her life changes forever. Especially when the mysterious Zeke appears in her life.… Read More
"Don't test me Robert. I will take you on in court, you cannot take my company! You better have a good lawyer, i'm coming for everything." "Sweety, you really don't wanna do that." "Oh trust me, i really do." Read More
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