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Becca had a totally normal life as a flight attendant. That is until during a flight the plane crashes. Will the Becca and any other survivors make it off the island? Read More

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August 10, 2013

A girl enters the painful world of annoymous hate; the world of Read More

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February 12, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

I feel so unloved at the moment, it makes me really sad Read More
flamestar ( smauri ) is now going to fight. >:D Read More
smauri is now hurt and filled with pure fury when matsuri reaveals the secret and will do wat ever she can to kill her Read More
snauri will do all she can to stop matsuri from reavling their secret. i know wat i said but the real smauri is her purepure tobari and plz dont judge if me if i like how she looks Read More
ok! ppl i like matsuri in naruto but im going to make her be really snobby and mean ok guys?! thx!! Read More
ppl if u want to find the first part of this then type in warrior and ninja: the meet. oh and the picture on the top is how smauri looks but her natrual hair color is hot red. Read More
smauri seems to have finally found her true love but her clan does not want her to keep visting this twoleg so she must choose for who will she stay with her clan or her love Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a poem about a boy who who realises his biggest mistake. Read More
Im adding more stuff to the twilight saga. Like Tanya is Emmett's sister. And also her best friend is Rosalie. She used to like Edward but not anymore. This story starts with Twilight but ends with breaking dawn. Its all in Tanya's perspective. I hope you enjoy. This is my… Read More
Alex roxsin is a Zodiac knight someone who protects both the magic and normal of the world but when he is invited to a party for zodiac one of his friends are killed Alex is looking for revenge with a knew team Alex must find the grand emperor ring the… Read More
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