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What to you do when your a teenage Demon slayer? Join Breanna Grace Smith as she hunt her step father's killers and find the memories she has lost. Her best friend just happens to be her brother's lover and one kick ass vampire Prince. Her older Brother just happens to… Read More
Perfect Betrayal is a story about beliefs and disbeliefs. This is a story about a man who dreamt of becoming immortal and succeeded in his goal. A story about lust for money, revenge and a perfect PLAN. This story is narrated by Jack its central character. Read More
Cinderella cliche. But not really . "And Cinderella decided to stop being such a pansy, and decided to stop waiting for some sparkly hero of love to save her. She realized prince was a stupid prick who wanted to break her foot by forcing it into a tiny glass shoe.… Read More
I write from another time, in another world, in hopes that my words will lead you to me, to where I am now. It is I that need more to come, in hopes of reviving a wondrous plane of fantasy that is very real. Please, join me. Read More

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June 26, 2009

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