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The Letter of Second John is one of the books from the bible. The Letter contains The Language of God (Language Iyikali). Read More

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God ordered Abraham to sacrifice his only son. Without question, he was willing to do it. My great grandfather was a devoted missionary and member of the Methodist Church. Even though his son was damaged due to rickets, he was unwavering in his faith. The power that both these men… Read More

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Born into British poverty, this is the story of my father's struggles to change his world, and give his children a chance in life Read More
From playground to parenthood - discovering the real Jesus Read More
A Very Short Christmas Story Read More
There are things that are often hidden about Charles Darwin, but the world deserves to know. Read More
Do you have real faith? What is it? Read More

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When light becomes a unique power... Blind love helps the world of gloom to attack the world of light. Gostoki, the gloom world ruler, eventually ruled and... Read More
What to do with a weary soul and how to find the rest you need. Read More

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This is a quote I have developed from a Biblical context. Read More

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The story of Cain Read More

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This article explains why my late mother was a better person than King Solomon. Read More

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The Abandoned House

A night of drinking leads God to tell one man some of what the Bible got wrong. Read More

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A parody of "The Sermon on the Mount," in which the Lord delivers a sermon on a Baseball mound, and offers "Nine Beatitudes" in praise of the players. Read More

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Don't fall for these deceptive ploys from the enemy. Read More

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This is the second part of "Sign of the Timez" Stephanie is a young girl that is traveling through history. This time, she experiences the crucifixion of Jesus and learns what it is like to be an early Christian. Read More
Henry Caldwell has a beef with God, but he doesn't have time to hash that out now! Henry's whole world is falling apart and it seems like no matter what direction he runs, young Henry jumps right into deeper water. If he's not dreaming about his own certain death, he's… Read More
For years people have been attempting to predict the end of the world and the return of Christ. Prophets have predicted and failed over and over again, yet they remain popular and are defended by many. Have you ever wondered why they always fail? Well, hopefully this brief treatment of… Read More
This is the Genesis of Man; According to Lilith. How man came about and the birth of Nephilim. Read More

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Have you ever wondered how Excalibur, one of the greatest weapons, was brought about? Here is my version of how Excalibur came to be with Bible verses and is in connection to my Novel that I am writing. Enjoy! Read More
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