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This is the Genesis of Man; According to Lilith. How man came about and the birth of Nephilim. Read More

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Have you ever wondered how Excalibur, one of the greatest weapons, was brought about? Here is my version of how Excalibur came to be with Bible verses and is in connection to my Novel that I am writing. Enjoy! Read More
I began work on this in early Dec 2019, but I was not satisfied with where it was going. My childhood best friend died unexpectedly on Dec 29th and I few to Georgia for his funeral that was held on Jan 1, 2020. Although I was extremely saddened by the… Read More
Having the wrong ideas about God can lead to pain and confusion in life. This is a brief treatment of just a few of those bad ideas. Read More

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This is an early epic in my writings. Old is gold. :) Read More

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The Fantasy Realm House

a seven part short novella, featuring an early adventure of the seraphim, shani tarath. shani tarath is one of the seven celestial guardians of the earth. she has been tasked by her lord and master, yahweh to find a vessel to spread the word of her god on earth. a… Read More

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"Out of the luminous forge fires of primeval intellect came the great priest and prophet of antiquity known to the twenty-first century literary ..." Read More

Read it. It can help you :) Read More
It's a Journal about my daily life Read More
Following the life of Jesus Christ through the eyes of Estelle and Robert, Mavy's teens. Bereft of their father who knew not Christ, the trio search for the peace that has long eluded them, not knowing their sufficiency would come in Jesus as they come to know Him. Read More
It's me thoughts from the Bible Read More
These are some thoughts from the Bible Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a narrative about prayer. Read More
This is an article for those who are coping with loss. Read More
It's a parable taken from the Bible. Read More
This is a journal with an interpretation of the parables of Jesus Read More
It is time for us to sort ourselves out with this Bible business. Read More
It's an acrostic about the Bible Read More
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