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The Fantasy Realm House

Seraphim Angelic beings with six wings, they stand amongst the highest order of celestial beings, and act as the medium of communication, between Heaven and Earth. Shani Tarath is one of the Seven Celestial Guardians of Earth, she battle Demons and all things unholy, in the service of the creator,… Read More
In connection to the Genesis of Man. Joseph meets the Lady.. But what does she want? Read More
Have you ever wondered how Excalibur, one of the greatest weapons, was brought about? Here is my version of how Excalibur came to be with Bible verses and is in connection to my Novel that I am writing. Enjoy! Read More
This is about dating , it lay a question to everyone and also answer the question, it a clear guide to your dating life if it walk according to God own way. Read More

Book / Non-Fiction

February 21, 2018

Michaell is a troubled teen who discovers he’s part of a small group of guardians used by the heavens to regulate order between the worlds they govern and only after his encounters with other worldly beings does he truly get to know his role, and how important it is… Read More
A collective narrative on and ancient story. A retelling. Read More
Making God's word a priority is the topmost queue of a biblical Christian in their day to day living. It is essential for a Christian to read the Bible regularly. It is obvious that biblical values lead you to biblical priorities. As believers of Christ, we need to saturate… Read More

Poem / Romance

September 20, 2017

My biblical love poem Read More
I write poems that are like short stories. This first poem/story to BOOKSIE is a retelling of the story of Samson of Dan, from Judges. FTR, I am not religious and many of my yet to be published work will contain irreverent material, erotica, fantasy, dark humor, some material that… Read More
a super heroine for the 7th century bce, becky sings, shoots at, and takes on all comers. Read More
A candid essay regarding the Bible and whether its contents, although divinely inspired should be taken literally and if not should it therefore be amended further? Read More
Johnny Guitar doesnt take shit from nobody, and epic tale of hilarity Read More
Biblical doctrine is essential but too many churches are treating it as secondary. By looking at one qualification for elders we will see how wrong this actually is. Read More
A question often asked is, "Will we know each other in heaven?" Here we briefly attempt to answer that question. Read More
A story about the biblical writers (scribes) who edited and changed the King David story. It is written in a light and entertaining style. This story is based on the historical research of Moshe Yahalom, who wrote Hebrew books called "The secular bible." Read More
Eden is the last Nephilim there is and he doesn't even know it. The war between good and evil is becoming unstable causing spiritual battles visible to the human eye. Once Eden's mother is taken by a Fallen he soon learns the truth about everything and sets out to find… Read More

Short Story / Horror

March 14, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

A tragedy exploring the severing of perfection. Read More
We surmise things exist based on the physical parameters we see and deal with in the real world. Could our perception simply be shortsighted because we have not taken a deeper thorough examination of our reality? Read More
The incarnation of Christ, Black people's land as the first dwelling place of God Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

In an ill-fated world where a corrupt government dominates its people; one does not find freedom in faith. Elin, daughter of Abraham, the steward of Cyprus; is chosen for the annual sacrifice. When her childhood friend Isaac, takes her place at the sacrificial stone, will she defy the government, the… Read More
An unexpected time when Christians mysteriously vanish. When death flee from the world and leaving massive sufferings. The mark 666 equals identification and credit cards. And 90% chances of getting to heaven. I'm sorry atheist people. This may not be a big deal cause you love science but just a… Read More
Short fantasy novel examines abortion from Biblical clues to it's spiritual implications Read More
Inspired by recent embroyonic stem cell human clinical tests (Shut down in horror). Read More
The life of two orphans, Adam and Sarah, take place in a town called Allison. Allison is under control of a ruthless government. Adam is part of an underground resistance while Sarah is still living at the orphanage keeping herself out of harms way. Sarah seems to be an average… Read More
This is a story that’s based on events that are talked about in the book of Revelations in the Bible. The end days are among us. They are closer than we think. We see them everyday. Not many people or church’s like to discuss this topic, but it’s one many… Read More
This short story is based on an incident from the Old Testament from the Bible. It can be found in the book of Exodus. It is based on the ten plagues. I’ve thought for a long time on how to write a short story on this. It was a difficult… Read More
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