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Here is the short summary of a theory which could potentially describe how our universe was created and how it ended. The theory also describes the non-existence of time and how everybody is everything and nothing at the same time. Since nobody knows how the universe began, my take on… Read More
Originally, I thought I would add a couple more chapters to my story, but, after some thought, I’ve decided to end it here, with some last words by Paul Davies, Professor of Theoretical Physics. It appears that when he and I look up into the heavens, we do not see… Read More
This essay was in response to an assignment requesting the link between cosmic origins and human development, and how this is related to my own life. I would like to say that this essay is really incomplete in what I really want to say due to the nature of the… Read More
Below is a response to angellynn's comment on my editorial "The End....," which puts forth a rather positive outlook on the end of the world. Read More

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On purpose and the end, written November 2008. Read More
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