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Theodard Aldedramnus VI Tassilo Warraich of House Sun Crane, the Emperor of Man and Sovereign of the 200764 Known Stars, has been executed by revolutionary fanatics. His severed head has been placed on a spike for display in Prion's capital city, alongside those of his wife, his brother, his two… Read More

Short Story / Young Adult

November 29, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Bòthildr is reflecting on her growth into maturity, she is realising new things and understanding the world through very different eyes as she has grown. The different layers to the short story are significant as they expose the truth about the confusing trail youths go through when they are opened… Read More
this is a prologue and opening few paragraphs. going to try and continue with this in some form, would appreciate feedback. Read More
This is a potential opening to a book I am beginning to write. The start is ambiguous for a reason, and I would like to address this in following chapters. Read More
George Garson seems to have it all: outrageous good looks, a pretty girlfriend, a gang of boys who obey his every command, a quick and intelligent mind that ensures that he does not have to work hard at school. Life seems perfect. He has worked hard to make it so.… Read More
The emotions and sensations of one young girl among thousands who have experienced abuse. Read More
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