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Poem / Romance

September 21, 2018

This poem is short and it gets to the point. Read More

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This is a joint publication of Berkeley ad Floricanto Presses. This book articulates a critical-progressive perspective of American education dealing with the real issues in the classroom. These are reflections of a Hispanic teacher—a Puerto Rican immigrant who experienced his family’s struggle to ensure he was well educated—based on a… Read More
A shot bilingual story (english and german) Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 28, 2013

Thoughts I had as I listened to my girlfriend chat in Dutch with her mother. Read More
The Giant Tortoise: A man living in the jungle saves the life of a giant tortoise. When the man falls deathly ill, it is up to the tortoise to carry him on its shell to the city to find the medicine that will cure him. Read More
I'm not sure how to start this poem, since it's less of a poem and more of an abstract. I wasn't sure where it was going; all I had was an idea and a pen and paper. So here is the product of my mental diarrhea and about a day's… Read More
My aim is to write a series of bilingual books about two girls, one Caucasion, one Hispanic, who are best friends. Together they discover some of the differences between their two cultures. This is a short, unfinished first draft of the opening book--the first 8-10 pages. Honest feedback is much… Read More
Bilingual poem about living on the streets among the filth and poverty. It's a bit on the sad side, which is why I recommend parental discretion when reading this. Read More
A bilingual oddity written at three in the morning one hot August night, in somewhat of a stupor after listening to The Cure for three hours. Please enjoy and review. :) Read More
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