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This short is actually based on the lyrics from Billie Holidays song "Strange Fruit." This was actually an assignment for one of my college English courses. And one of the few truly short, short stories I have written! There was a word limit so... Summary: Kate takes her mule Sir… Read More
I just got this really good idea for a BJA story. Well, anyways, the main character's name is Kyleigh, she's 16, and in 11th grade with Billie. Story-version Billie Joe's is 17 and he looks exactly like he does right now in real life and Green Day has written all… Read More
When pure suburban kid, Jos, moves to the city for his dream job of working for the government, he is forced to spy on a teenage gang and join undercover. But when the one person he is sent to find and turn in turns out to be the love of… Read More
The Tenth Doctor gathered a new companion right after Donna left and Claire helps him through the rest of his days as Ten. But when it occurs that there's something wrong with the human Doctor in the parallel universe and it might be possible to return to Rose, then Claire… Read More
A man watches his girlfriend unravel soon after the death of her mother for reasons that surprise him. This is my first attempt at simple writing. I read some of my other stuff and I think they are a little to verbose. So, here is my attempt at something simple… Read More

Book / Young Adult

January 21, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

This is from 2008 it's poor quality. Billie hasn't been coping since the death of his 'everything' aka Maria. One night he encounters a mysterious girl and the next day finds himself running away with her but this girl has an agony of her own. Billie also finds out the… Read More

Miscellaneous / Other

August 05, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

Well im bored its 3:30am and i can not sleep. so what else is a man to do....watching some old ass michael jackson videos on you tube and decided to write Read More

Poem / Poetry

January 16, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

My peom is about the blues singer, Billie Holiday. I find something in her to be very intreaging and sad. Her voice and music is so inspiring to me. Some of her songs remind me of my feelings and experiences, and that is the main idea of my poem. I… Read More
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