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January 18, 2020

Dedicated to James R. Hill (1939-2020) who died at the age of 80 on January 11, 2020. Read More
josefa was my grandmother. i never got to meet her, but heard stories about her upbringing and her family. she was a person to admire for her daring personality and courageous heart. she was given to my grandfather for marriage as a teenager, and as the story goes, had the… Read More

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PROLOGUE This was originally posted as a "blog" on a "Go Daddy" site on September 8, 2011. Most of what you will read below is from the contents of that blog. I was writing it on a lark to see if I could learn to do something useful on the… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

You will now enter the life of me. Mackenzie Miller. I'm a sophomore in this dreaded high school in this dreaded world and I have a tendency to overthink and possibly be dramatic. Hallelujah. Anyway, enjoy sophomore year. Read More
the hell night of getting to fort moffet - great lakes ntc and go through the processing of becoming a navy soldier... Read More

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Anecdotes, and other interesting tidbits, about growing up in a small town. Read More
This a biography of Cole Sprouse, enjoy. Read More
When I heard my mom was moving into a nursing home, I called my dad and made arrangements to talk to her. An hour later, I was on the phone with her. She was having a good day, reading a book of course. She told me she was sad that… Read More
This is a Biography of sorts about the late Hip Hop artist Jahseh Onfroy (AKA XXXTentacion) I don't usually write stuff so go easy on me. Read More
Learn more about all the characters in this story so far! Read More

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This is a craft essay on Creative non-fiction as a state of art. Its technique and significance as a literary tool that presents truth and reality in human lives is presented. Read More
This is my story of every single thing that happened (mostly bad) from high school to right now. It will make you sad but hopeful for the future. Read More

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March 16, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

This has been pestering my mind since ages, but now that I found the 'high'; we can finally begin! Read More
Sharing a life story about Evil Blake, who I never met before, yet I have her memories. Her life story is in progress. Read More

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nature's effort to give you an existence could not be meaningless. there must be some purpose for which you are sent to this world.' this is the biography of a drop of water which starts its journey with the above idea. she tries to figure out the… Read More
The Incarnation Choristers 1290 St. Nicholas Avenue, New York, New York 10033 Read More
List of children murdered by Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA) Read More

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