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What can I say, the criminal life ain't easy. Read More
Follow the story of two partners in Anti-Crime, solve crime and other problems, while going through an alternate dimension, and time stamp. Read More
There have been a number of articles on the internet, analyzing the narrative of the Bioshock series. One of the most popular is the analysis of Bioshock Infinite’s ending which also disturbed me that I find a game with a twisted plot as the Bioshock series.This essay however is not… Read More
This poem is based on a dream I had the other night. I wrote it in about 2 hours and it's almost just a stream of consciousness. Hopefully you enjoy it anyway, and if you have any questions, maybe they will be answered in part 2. Thanks. Read More
The world of a teller's tale is inspired by the world of the "Bioshock" Franchise. The story follow's "Comstock." A noblemen sent from Britannia to a nearby allied kingdom. On his visit, Comstock will uncover numerous secrets about this kingdom, as well as secrets about his childhood friend and himself. Read More

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September 05, 2010

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So I had a dream that I was in the game Bioshock. Awesome. Read More
The civil War is coming to an end, Rapture is now a place where monsters live and only the strong survive. Read More

Tags: action, bioshock

Alex was knocked unconscious and the civil war in rapture escalates but is nearly ending, but after alex is taken away, a man named Zeke must face the Monstrous Big daddy named : Panzer Read More

Tags: action, bioshock

Violence continues to spread through rapture, the civil war gets deadlier and deadlier as the bodies of those who fought litter the streets, the citizens are planning to assault Point Prometheus; but like everything in has its terrifying secrets. Read More

Tags: action, bioshock

alex is forced to fight a mutated splicer, if he wins he gets the little sisters, if he loses....he has a headstone ready for him. place your bets! Read More
Alex meets Dr. Bridgette Tenenbaum, and makes a deal with her to Ryan, he goes to fort frolic to look for the thing that she wants, but finds that someone or something is waiting for him. Read More
this one revolves around a Big Daddy who recognizes the little sister he's protecting as his daughter, Alex is observing them at a distance, and learns that even a big daddy can have a heart of gold Read More
this is a fanfic of bioshock that takes place before the time when the guy in the first game comes to rapture, it follows the new years eve riot that happened Read More
A short story based on Bioshock's Big Daddy. Read More
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