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This is a non-fiction novel (well, a very exaggerated non-fiction novel with a few scenes here and there that never actually happened) based on the life of a mentally ill yet oddly endearing individual who I know well. Jason Jason is a seven-year-old boy with electric blue eyes and shaggy… Read More
Sleep deprivation and feeling really inbetween states. Read More
Hayden, a high school senior, did not want to apply for the Madeline Parker Memorial Scholarship because if she won, she would be required to volunteer at the psychiatric hospital. She did not want to work with crazy people. Unfortunately, her mom thought she should and she ended up winning… Read More
Ginny is angry when her choir teacher does not choose her to participate in honor choir. Later, her teacher tells her she is not chosen since she suffers from bipolar disorder. In her anger, Ginny researches an theatre company in the city and decides to audition for it. She knows… Read More
After a private plane accident, teenage pop star Charlotte and her sister Megan find themselves stranded on the side of a mountain. Charlotte and Megan find themselves at odds with each other frequently. Will they be found before it is too late? Read More

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March 10, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

A few details about my struggle with bipolar disorder. Read More

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December 06, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

She put the razor to her thigh and slit it roughly letting the red tears flow out of her. I am a screw up. A failure. A mistake. A bitch. A loser.Then she busted out into tears and collapsed onto the floor. She cleared herself up and put a fake… Read More
Years in the future, WWIII has broken out on US ground. With nothing left to turn to, the president must allow human weapons to be made, a group of doctors stealing innocent children and turning them completely and totally insane. What will they do when a local myth, a man… Read More
Ariel has gotten mixed up in the wrong croud over and over again. After getting completely fed up with her run-ins with the law, her mom drops her off at her sister's doorstep with the hopes that he can give a try at turning Ariel's life around. Just one week… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Bipolar Ophelia must embark on the struggle of survival in a psychiatric rehabilatation center full of people--proving her dislike for them stronger than she knew. Will she be pushed over the edge when surrounded by other patients, or will she be cured of her fear of reality by reality itself? Read More
When I was 19 years old I was diagnosed with a mental illness, one that I continued to deny for a decade. This book will reveal the thought process that occurs during periods of mania-something not a lot of people understand unless they experience it. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is the story of my own diagnosis of bipolar disorder and the understanding that I believe mental illness deserves. Read More
written 2007 how alcoholism can poison a family. WARNING : The F word, Bitch ect. Read More
This post is a song about someone still very near to my heart,but there is a complication. as usual, feedback is appreciated. thank you. for those who are wondering, this is rated R for language, and graphic content. The last "verse" after the last repeat of the chorus is meant… Read More
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