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Waking up in wondrous and strangely familiar woods, the narrator tries to remember their past as waves of impressions draw them in... My first Shortstory, heavily inspired by E. A. Poe. Read More
Lite humor and a bird... Read More

Short Story / Fantasy

December 18, 2011

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please read my story, critic is welcome :) Read More

Book / Memoir

October 29, 2011

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A fatmans' break from the mundane. A one week roadtrip with the homies Read More

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Ready to find out the meaning of arborphilia? Read this little tid bit then ;) Read More
Defence - A Micro-Chip Which Tunes The Human Body Into A Perfect Defence Vessel. The Earth Will Never Stop Marching... (This story is going to be quite short; because it's one of those short shock stories, maybe 10 or 20 chapters?) Read More
A group of radical Michigan Indians liberate a White Buffalo and attempt to take it to South Dakota. Read More
A love story about a man and his monster, an Indian, and a woman. Read More
A couple talks about what was important in their lives as chemtrails and military take over their neighborhood. Read More
They wouldn't cooperate even if the whole world depended on it. Oh wait, it does. Seth and Shanta are rivals from the same village, continually competing against one another. Their whole world is turned upside down when their village is attacked and they are left the only survivors. Seth and… Read More

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Title: The Silver Birch Broom Author: Samuel L. Birch Date: 10th September 2009 Genre: Horror / Psychological Thriller Notes: This is the prologue to Mr. Birch's 'The Silver Birch Broom'. Read More
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