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A short story about the atrocities of today's world. Humor + horror = fun fun fun fun Read More
Alstair avery was born in ancient england,he was born in an era were magicians were widely accepted,until a sorcerer killed the kings only son,alastair had to leave drinian,the only home he had known since he was a boy,his best friend robin accompanying him,then again the king gets ill of a… Read More
Why feed a dying body is a bizaare philosophy but a practical one if imoplemented to go easy on aging body by eating less and less. Read More

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June 19, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a poem I wrote about someone who has strongly affected me over the last 5 months. Read More
Loved reading Howl's Moving Castle, Twilight, Harry Potter and Prophecy of Stones? You will LOVE this. Elena Siletz had a happy mundane life until she finds herself thrown into an uncanny world where birthstones represent what kinds of powers people can posses. Elena Siletz, born in September – birthstone: sapphire… Read More
My latest nightmare that I had dreamed about. Read More
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