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Sarah Blake is a 16 year old girl, clad in the luck of meeting the greatest people in the city of London, living in a lavish mansion and having an adorable little sister. But she also has a fatal attraction to the danger of the old city and its inhabitants.… Read More
Azriel Phantomhive has lived with Sebastian Michaelis as her butler for 7 years. But, little does she know, Sebastian had a second Master while he was her butler. Sebastian has kept that fact from her. But, when her and Sebastian move into the mansion next door to Ciel, they meet.… Read More
Sebastian must fight for guardianship of Ciel after the pair attempt to leave modern England from Heath Row Airport. Read More
Several poems based on the "Black Butler" anime series. These works are dedicated to all those who love Sebastian. Read More
[COMPLETED] This is basically a fanfiction from the anime/manga series "Kuroshitsuji". Throughtout the story, they're going to be some switching of point-of-views. There are at least two OCs (original characters) who are visiting the Phantomhive mansion for a three day visit since this is one of the only times during… Read More
Okay so this is for Sara's challenge (her first one-so proud to take part) and I was given a picture which i immediately recognised as Kuroshitsuji! So of course this is about the Black Butler Sebastian who serves Ciel. Read More
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