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Dealing with the insanity of another is unsettling. A man is about to find out the challenges and mystery that awaits him. Suitable for mature audiences. Submitting next parts/arc in possible future when capable. Read More

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Follow Kwata's story as he travels through the known lands and then some. He will end wars and trigger wars. Kwata will rescue people and lay siege to forts. For Kwata's parts they are in second person.Bowen's parts are in first person. Read More
In a village in England, a blacksmith ponders the unanswerable question. Do animals have souls? Do they go to heaven? He never expected to care, until he took on a dog that he didn't really want. Read More

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a poem i wrote ... about the making of two gold rings Read More

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A young swordsmith learns he is more than he ever believed when he learns his parents were not mere mortals, and that he was no mere mortal. But his journey does not truly begin until he makes a few interesting (Let alone extraordinary) friends and starts out on an adventure… Read More
The story of Janey follows a seamstress's niece whose land is invaded by a rival kingdom. She and others are put on a ship headed to a village harnessed to no kingdom and ruled by no lord. Whilst on the ship, she finds herself falling in love with two men… Read More

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August 13, 2011

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Versailles, France. Anno 1662. The reign over the French empire has just been taken over by its rightful owner, the twenty-four year old Louis XIV – otherwise known as le Roi Soleil – the Sun King –, or le Roi Dance – the Dance King. French nobility from all over… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Ashlen Mcurry is a small girl,in a big town that she just moved to. Being a new girl in Florida is not the easiest thing, but she doesn't know it yet, but she's in for a surprise at her new school, Blacksmith South. Read More

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This is part II from Dec 2009 "Heart's Hearth' Read More
This is an Epic Haiku. An Epic Haiku is (as far as I know) my own creation where one writes a full-length poem that uses individual haikus for it's stanzas. Even the title is to be a Haiku. I hope to proliferate this as a legitimate form of poetry! P.S.… Read More
New characters, the crazyness begins, yadah yadah, read it cause i'm not going to spoil the rest. Read More

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