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Two girls overhear a strange conversation by everyone's two favourite hunters. What happens when a certain song gets pulled into the mix? Based on a scene from Mystery Spot. Read More
Eisheth managed to succeed in her goal of taking her vessel and concieving a baby with Lucifer. What happens when the hunter regains control over her body? Read More
Dean and Blacky have a little fun during some rare alone time. I do no own anything related to Supernatural and Blacky belongs to my best friend. Read More
Another requested song-fic from Blacky. Dean takes a moment to cotemplate everything going on in his life. Contains original characters. Sorry if I didn't capture his character well...I've never been very good at Dean xD Read More
A surprise song-fic written for my best friend Blacky. Based on the song My Bloody Valentine by Good Charlotte. Read More
Hell has a hissy fit over two legends being mixed on the case she's working on. I don't own anything based from Supernatural but I do own Hell...but not Blacky. Read More
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