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This is a non-fiction book, and if it works out as I've hoped, will be the most unforgettable experience of your lives. First, I want to ask you not to form an opinion on this book until you've read the whole thing. If you have confidence in your religion, then… Read More

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February 24, 2018

An alternative take on the story of Adam and Eve, Lilith, and Lucifer. Told from Eve's point of view, this tale explores what life might've been like with a fledgling god and the first man. Read More
As a storm raged outside the cottage, they encouraged each other to write a ghost story. Read More
I've been reading some Shakespeare recently, and that has made me want to write some sonnets. Sure, iambic pentameter can be a bit tricky sometimes, but sonnets have been fun recently. Normally I hate sonnets because of all of the rules, but whatever. Here is the first sonnet of my… Read More
Spenserian sonnet, done somewhat in his style as well. Read More
taken from my book, "Trying To Learn About My Madness" Read More
taken from my book, "Blinded By Thought" Read More

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Everything goes well in the city, till the return of Zinxong. Read More
I don't entirely agree with this. In all of my poems I just take an idea and run with it. I did find it easy to make these points though. Besides, I am a Lutheran. Read More
Every man-made thing has a scope for improvement and Blasphemy laws are no different, this is an undeniable fact. There is no harm in giving rational consideration to the voice of the people and the recommendations for amendments in the law coming from various circles. The religious scholars and clergy… Read More
This poem is an allegorical poem. I sat thinking about humanity and religion one night and it struck me that mankind is in a playground of sorts - you know how primary school kids believe that if they commit the slightest misdemeanor the teacher will catch them and they will… Read More
Done with Sasha. Not really my style, but it made her happy, and that's all that matters. ^-^ Read More
This poem is about abuse and doubt in God. Yes, I know how it feels, and I know this will probably get a lot of comments about that. Read More
Two words: suicide sucks. It hurts everyone, not just the suicidal person. Read More

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March 06, 2008

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This is a poem I whiped up during 3rd period for the upcoming "Pi-day" writing thing. Every line has a number of words equal to the progression of the digits of pi; 3.141592652589793238462643383279... et cetera. I know it isnt my best work, but at the same time I am fairly… Read More
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