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I have a next door neighbor who was a former Massachusetts Senator. On my way up the stairs to my bedroom, I saw out the window and noticed a very clear line of site to my neighbor's bathroom. The window and my angle had a clear shot of the tub… Read More
This is a the story of the world’s most unfortunate event and God’s first major screw up since Justice Beiber. My transcontinental journey has a major fictional element that I was tricked into believing. Read More
Resurrection question Posture of a Being on a Rocking Chair Leaning Lazy Boy Palmetto Woods in Search Of a Harvest with Spade in Hand Land Grants a Grand Stand - a Full House. Enclosed blinds, seeking Blind. Wednesday Mornings ante Day of plenty Spent waterfalls, an Ivy Wall Vine twined… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

He loved her more than the world, so it was only natural he never noticed as she became infected... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A girl is badly injured because someone decided to drink and drive. She remembers the accident as she lies in her hospital bed, waiting for death to claim her. Read More
Unrevealed In the Prism on December 2. © All rights reserved The absence thereof, I stand accused. Devoid of any, entire spectrum. Unrevealed in the prism. I am the chill that fills your vision when you see the painted snow. I am the heat that radiates the furnace and gives… Read More
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