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A collection of short stories available to readers who want to get a good fright from reading a book. 4 short horror stories that will scare you to death!!! Read More
An average kid just goes to bed as usual, when he suddenly hears a knock on his door, that will create a snowball effect of a series of horrible events that lead to the worst news ever. Read on if you are brave enough!! Read More
The sequel of two other my stort stories: "The Dragon Slayer from a Forest" and "The Blood of Innocent", so you should (but, of course, don't have to!) read those before to get the full understanding of the plot. Enjoy! Read More
The sequel of another my short story, "The Dragon Slayer from a Forest". You should read the first one first for better understanding. Enjoy! Read More
This is a blockbuster-type short story about... well, the title tells what it is about! : ) Read More
This is the script for Blockbuster! Read More
This is a movie comparison intended to show the similarities between Transformers 3 and Citizen Kane. It will succeed. Read More
The book is designed to help aspiring novelists to write a blockbuster at first attempt and hit fame and fortune. It is also a must-read for teachers and students, academics and researchers, journalists and the general reader desiring to ride out the recession by exploring a successful career in the… Read More
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