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The Valkyr is all but extinct after 'The great Fauler war' which is just a trap to eradicate the Valkyr from Sentosian. Atlas is a strong young Valkyr that has taken a pledge to kill the King Josiah Lucodem's entire bloodline as redemption for the murder of her colleagues, and… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A group of friends decide to stay at a suspected haunted house on the edge of a village near the border between England and Scotland. When Lynda Rider begins to see glimpses of girl around the wood and the house, the teenagers think that it could be the ghost rumoured… Read More
This is the "book" I've "been working on," I've nicknamed it to M~M because I'm lazy and don't want to type out the whole tile. Blister has some serious problems. He keeps hearing these voices. They won't go away. Then the people who hunt him, who don't know them--the voices.… Read More

Short Story / Horror

September 10, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Timora was just an innocent little girl living with her family in their home nestled away in the cul-de-sac near the woods. Read More
An elusive woman named 'Shi Angel' has been giving out advice. That's when people start disappearing. Maybe they're taken out of their houses at night, maybe they're forced in the morning. But whatever the case, someone is bound to have noticed. Read More
I looked in the mirror and saw a girl. Her clothes and skin were covered in blood, her hair was tangled and damp with drying blood, and her deep blue eyes were wide with bloodlust. It scared me that, that was me, no one else. Read More
This is a several part story, first written by Kay. It follows the story of three individuals, Sam, Shaun and Julian, not at all the best of friends in the real world, uncharasmatically swept up into the sudden disaster of a zombie apocolypse. Part one: Fountain City Written from the… Read More
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