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I wrote about a little known 1960's folk singer named Phil Ochs. The piece details my introduction to him, his Elvis imitation period, and the tragic ending of his life. I also have an earlier short story I wrote that was inspired by him. If there's any interest in it… Read More
Because I'm a music nerd, I thought of 20 albums that had such a profound effect on me they changed my life. I dug into my soul to find the music that brought me to life when I heard it. Royally affected me, kicked me in the arse, literally socked… Read More
I've had an idea for a challenge. Sorry, there are no prizes, and no one wins or loses. What you see below are the lyrics of Bob Dylan's famous song, "Maggie's Farm" but with two additional verses that I wrote. (Mine are the ones about the dog and the grandma).… Read More
A simple question. In the 1960s and 1970s freedom fighters like Bob Dylan proliferated. In the 2000s when an evil fascist pig like Maddog Bush was in the White House it seems the freedom fighters were in hiding. They could take on a Johnson or a Nixon, but a Maddog… Read More
In the town, on the skyline, through the trees, under over passes, on a stream, through the tunnel and on to the starbelt. Read More
The Bob Dylan concert that i attended in July of 2009. Read More
This is a coercive story about a mousy boy falling in love with a fiery, bellicose woman who is addicted to all kinds of escpae - they are one another's foil. Something unexpected, peculiar and unfathomable happens. No one has an answer - not even the government. Read More
i was on a plane listening to bob dylan Read More

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December 22, 2006

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