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Greg owns a bookie, Tiger Claw a million dollars. Without a way to pay it back, he cooks up a scam he'll pretend to marry his friend's baby sister, Claire. They'll get the gifts & trade them for money to pay Tiger Claw. The only problem is she hates Greg… Read More
Who would have thought that on this day I would be rescuing my favourite princess? Read More
Greg owns a bookie Tiger Claw a million dollars. Without a way to pay it back he cooks up a scam, he'll pretend to marry his friend's baby sister, Claire. They'll get the gifts and trade them for money to pay Tiger Claw. There is only one problem she can't… Read More
A bodyguard is a type of security guard who protects a person or people — usually high-ranking public officials or officers, wealthy people, and celebrities — from danger. Kevin is a professional bodyguard. He is a highly successful private bodyguard, mostly protecting corporate VIPs. Read More

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March 30, 2016

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Athena is visiting home ready to spend time with her family. Now that her sister has run off with her kidnapper, her father is ready for the upcoming election and her mother is always off on some place or other, the family is more broken than ever. She's also stuck… Read More

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What if the only daughter of an Italian Mob boss, who is promised to be married to another Mob heir, falls in love with her new bodyguard? What if an American boy who has just lost his father and is left with nothing, has to move back to his parents… Read More
Jayme had always dreamed of having her very own Prince Charming come and save her, make her finally feel safe in this dangerous world. One day, Jayme finds herself wrapped up in a life or death situation. Her Prince Charming came to her rescue and saved her. Jayme goes through… Read More
This is a short story about a boy with not so easy life. Read More
“My name is Kurisutaru Ai…” A bodyguard… A woman… Kurisutaru is far from feminine, despite her appearance, and she has been in many different, life-threatening situations. From bombs, to assassins, she’s seen it all, and fought it all for someone else. There was nothing new about it. Except her client…… Read More

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How do we meet our loved ones .. This is a story i wrote many years ago based on the unlikely places and chains of events that can bring people together. Based in many places it follows the voyage of two people and how they grow not just within themselves… Read More

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March 30, 2012

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A young daughter of a rich famous superstar has to learn to addapt to a new lif after all her friends are brutally murdered. To the world she is dead she is trying to adapt and move on while protecting what's left of her family and friends. Read More
This is a short story about me and Liam, from the time we met to the time he died. Read More
Sam West, ex-military, takes on the job of protecting Morgana Tyson, billionaire heiress, from an unknown assailant. Posing as the young heiress' new boyfriend, the simple protection job turns personal when Sam's own family is threatened. Read More
Just the beginning tell me if you like it :) (It's also a very rough draft) About a girl who does a very brave thing...and the man sworn to protect her. Read More
Austin Kirkland became a full time bodyguard since, she graduated high school a year ago and was happy that she wouldn't have to see a few cretin people that she thought would never have to see again. Until she get's a new mission being the bodyguard of a millionaire son,… Read More
*Complete* Erica liked the idea of a bodyguard. Her father was a secret agent, and when she was younger she used to want one too. Now, ten years later, she gets her wish. In fact, she gets four of them. But they seem to be... teenage boys?! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A man named, Tawny has to guard a woman named Veronica from an alleged killer. Read More

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