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Nick and Zara are a teen couple that live in the small town of Clover in Ohio. Nick has been there for Zara nearly three years. He’s been there to help after she's been to hell and back when she was raped and abandoned by her mother. When Zara's dad… Read More
15 year old Lilly Drew lives with her family in Hawaii. Sheltered from the outside world, Lillys mind is led to run wild of fantasy stories. Especially of that mysterious river near her home. One night, Lilly let the curiosity get the best of her and she snuck down to… Read More

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January 01, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

The Frithian Faith rules the lives of the Avedaer Pack, and has for many moons. Until now... After finding a she-wolf near-death in the Dead Forest, a looming wood on the edge of the Avedaer Pack territory, Zorro, the silver-furred son of the Alpha, drags her home in the hope… Read More
As a child my favourite play time was to imagine. My imagination took me places no one else knew about, places that were fairy tales and places I actually created. Unless I was just imaging this, but were always places of fun. As a woman at 45 I still thrive… Read More
This is the beginning of my poetry journal, a journal named The Journey, haha. This is the first poem of the book, It's about my struggle with drug abuse, codependency, spiritual warfare, and so much more. It takes a step into the mind of a depressed love driven, remorseless teenage… Read More
Josie Williams is many things. She's a 13 year-old girl with no family, a young spy in training in Washington D.C., and, in the eyes of the "Shadow", she's a target. In order to keep the Shadow from destroying the world, a package needs to obtained from him. What's in… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

It's been fifteen years since Brent Rossett was thrown in jail for the murder of his girlfriend, Sarah Marlay. Now, the former hitman has scored a deal with the United States government the includes his freedom and a very large paycheck. But Brent has to capture the infamous Assassin in… Read More
Just a teaser for the first story in my MIMM series inspired by Breaking Benjamin's Dance with the Devil Check out my challenge for all the details on what exactly MIMM is... Read More
Book One of Mariah's Story: The Third Wing of the Triple Trilogies. Mariah is a happy farm girl in Alcranibi; just after Queen Danellia takes the throne. But when strange men kidnap her and steal her away to a chapel, she must decide if she is willing to take on… Read More
“Do we have a deal?” Michael asked when I didn’t respond. Even though I didn’t throw my head back in helplessness, I did sigh. “Even though I’m going to go completely against my will, I am a girl who keeps promises and always holds up my end of the deal.… Read More
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