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On a cold lonely night, a cowboy enters the camp of three strangers and tells them a story. Read More
She was warned never to enter the Rachalör. Now she's lost in its endless darkness. Serenity Walker's been in bad straits before, but things have gone from bad to worse, to hopeless. Stranded behind enemy lines in a wilderness festering with dark power, Serenity's out of options. With her magic… Read More
Deals with the devil always have their price. Problem is, the devil collects with interest.Serenity Walker thought she had the upper hand when it came to her partnership with a demon. D’aej is dangerous, but he was always on her side. Then an old friend lifts the scales from her… Read More
Serenity Walker has cast runes for as long as she can remember. Her teachers call her a prodigy, and her secret studies hold the key to unlimited potential. Once an orphan left on an old woman's doorstep, Serenity finally belongs. But when her mentor is murdered right in front of… Read More
A bounty hunter is a person who captures fugitives and criminals for a monetary reward (bounty). Bounty hunting has historically existed in many parts of the world. Clint was a bounty hunter. He decided to carry on with this occupation in the United States because he didn't want to… Read More
A man finds burried treasure in his backyard. However something is not right about this treasure and a strange figure is coming to collect. Read More
A simple short story showing when an unamed Bounty Hunter from Neo Atoll goes off to collect the money from a hit he was paid for, encounters a figure in the shadows who he is forced to overcome Read More
Join Anari Fett as he travels through space and time with the emperor and his apprentice. Anari Fett searches for his destiny, but every time he gets close, it fades away. Read this Science Fiction short story to find out what happens to Anari Fett on his journey to… Read More
This is the story of the misadventures of the slightly-infamous bounty hunter named "The Lawman". Read More
In the Fourth Recorded Age of the Storm Empire, a civil war, known as the Rebellion of Dawn, rages through the kingdoms as the Dawn Alliance fights to take over. While their powerful armies clash to gain power, another enemy maneuvers through the war, toying with both sides to achieve… Read More
WW3 has just ended and new opportunities present themselves, Ireland is being torn apart by a revolution and Vulcan McBride plans to take full advantage of that. Read More
A bounty hunter, already unpopular with a sheriff, makes himself more so when he pursues his own brother, who turns out to be more than a handful. Read More
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