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a poem about a boy having night fantasies. Read More

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Hi. My name is Larry and I'm single. Why? Well let's just blame it on the girls. They can't handle me. Whom I kidding? I'm terrible at dating. Well I wouldn't say dating because I've never been on one but it still counts as being bad. I'm not ugly. I… Read More

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Book / Fantasy

October 19, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

Alex gets unknowingly hypnotized around the campfire and his friends have some fun with him. Read More
the main character is nervous and sensitive to sound. it's painful. he still wants to live. no he have no choice but to live! Read More
This is for a contest in my school and wanted to place in here as well. It is about a boy that went missing into a forest and was haunted by a mysterious being, killing him and haunting other children of the village nearby. Read More

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A Single Woman finds an abandoned newborn baby boy laying in a picnic basket, She takes him in as her own son. Read More

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So much we still don't know. My poem. Read More

Tags: world, girl, boy, earth, spirit

Poem of a boy who is lost Read More

Tags: humour, poem, smile, boy, laugh

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It's never a good idea to enter the woods at night. Read More

Poem / Fantasy

September 14, 2020

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a poem of a boy's fears Read More

Tags: darkness, boy, fear

Featured Review by Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn

"A very relatable piece to which I can freely confess my own fear of the dark as a young kid growing up ... Reality is, even the bravest man on ..." Read More

I've been missing him so much more then I ever have and it's slowly suffocating me. Kids don't push away your best friend, they won't always come back even if they forgive you. Read More

Tags: love, friendship, sad, end, boy

Oh how the tables turned on me... those tricky bastards. Read More

Tags: love, friendship, sad, end, boy

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The Booksie Classic House

boy's shame and lies when summer was over we had to put on shoes and go back to school I dreaded this time of year the first day the teacher would ask the students to recite where they had gone on vacation during summer I was ready I had sent… Read More
lying in the tall spring grass he protects himself from the unfriendly march wind illusory animals appear in the clouds a herd of clouds becomes a herd of sheep an elephant becomes a kitten a naked woman appears lying on a cloud, then evaporates the other imagined things remained longer… Read More

Poem / Non-Fiction

August 28, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

fierce summer storm boy hears sounds of gathering storm thunder shatters silence bolt lights the room rain drops hammer out its tin roof symphony awake listening watching counting 1001, 1002, 1003 guessing distance to lighting’s strike hears vicious crack of bolt’s attack daylight illumines large oak, split struck for the… Read More

Featured Review by Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn

"A nicely written piece that stirs childhood memories over a cup of morning coffee ... We used to own an old stucco house with a metal roof. ..." Read More

reminiscing when one is poor it doesn’t take much to make one happy happiness does not come from money it comes from experiencing small things in life he remembers mama’s biscuits and gravy fried okra and homemade cakes and pies winter evenings the family gathering around the radio imaging each… Read More

Poem / Fantasy

August 26, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

kite and boy inexpensive paper kite flutters in the wind making wonderful sounds back to the boy holding the other end of the string kite dips and smiles at boy and dances little jigs as its string is held taut boy smiles back a strong wind begins to blow kite… Read More

Tags: childhood, boy, play

Featured Review by KatV

"Thanks to you, I saw this entire lovely scene. I love the happy ending, the promise of another day. Great Poem!" Read More

This is a story about a mother, a son, and the haunting. Read More
--------- BOOK 1 OF "The Thíly Series" --------- You're looking at the female Alpha of the Sunshine pack. I will fight to survive for the sake of myself and my family, despite our cursed name. The Sunshine Pack-led by the scorned female Alpha, Isla. Fate comes to hand when she… Read More

Tags: girl, boy, bad, alpha, badboy

A boys seeks to gather flowers for his mother but gets more than he bargained for. Read More
A boy finds a sleeping man in the stable. Read More

Tags: boy, horse, intruder

This story is an excerpt from one of my creative writings- a book actually- at which stage the calm before the storm manifested in the form of a lesson in a church setting. The story is set in a modern African atmosphere but is very relatable to the wide variety… Read More

Tags: god, sex, girl, boy, spirit

Kobe, a girl who transmigrated in to a different world. Every human here speaks Chinese and wears ancient Chinese clothing. There are royalty, beast, cultivation, and many dangers. Read and see how Kobe saves the world from the unthinkable. ----- Enjoy my readers~ ???? Read More
This is a Diary Of a Reborn Baby Boy (doll) Mother, and His Name Is, Benjamin Matthew. Read More

Tags: boy, mother, baby, doll, reborn

this is what rossy boy jb has to say to his new fans. Read More

Tags: boy, jb, rossy

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The Booksie Classic House

In life, we sometimes don't know when we'll meet a certain person who can fulfill our emotional, spiritual, physical and mental interests. The problem is that once we've been hurt before, it's nearly impossible to let another person make us so 'vulnerable'. And even when we give in and let… Read More

Tags: love, romance, tale, girl, boy

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