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Wilfred, Julian and Peter are in an established and loving relationship. Everything is wonderful, save for the fact that Wilfred's parents still innocently believe that their son is straight as a nail. So Peter and Julian come to stay a couple of days at Sparrow Manor, and Wilfred cautiously tries… Read More
Peter is prone to feeling depressed. It isn't his fault, he can't help it. He just wants to be loved. It is Wilfred and Julian's duty to make this happen. (A cute little threesome - set in the Potterverse.) Read More
Perceval Elton rather likes Peter. There's not much to like about Peter, but he still did. And when Perceval rather likes someone, he gets rather annoying and rather persistent in his efforts to get them to rather like him back. Peter Kenton doesn't usually take to Perceval's affections with any… Read More
This is based off the doujinshi.I do not own the doujinshi. Read More

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February 20, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

There was a story about two brave warriors who fought each other till their deaths over…something, causing both warrior‘s family and friends to repel each other. No one actually knows the story, but somebody‘s got to know! And that person lives among the two strongest clans in town, the Akatsuki… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Kurai lives in a small town. A couple years ago he came out that he was gay by admitting to his crush that he liked him. But he soon found out the school was homophobic. His life went downhill from there. From all the pain of people hating and bullying… Read More
A selection of one-shots that will be depressing. It'll be boyxboy, boyxgirl, or girlxgirl. I am taking request. Read More
Pierce Harts is a 16-year-old in the year 2500. A time with no love, no religion, no relationships, just one-night stands, nobody cares what gender the person is that they are with for that night. Everybody's appearance is perfect, but everyone is ugly on the inside. Pierce's parents managed to… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Kurochi Banpaia is a vampire that's 1017 years old. He's been a vampire for 1000 years and had many lovers both male and female. But he's lonely, he wants to find someone who can be with him forever. Someone who is immortal like him so they can be together forever.… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Ao Yume is forced to move to America with his mom because of work. He doesn't want to leave his dear boyfriend Yuki behind. But he moves anyway since his mom won't let him stay. In America he meets someone else... Read More
This is a story about Arik Bently Bennett who is a good kid in a bad situation. His parents are alcoholics who are always gone, leaving him to basically raise his two younger brothers. When he finally gets away from it all and goes to live with his loving grandmother,… Read More
Chi attempted suicide. His mom died when he was 3, his dad abuses him. He's also gay. He has a boyfriend, but he wasn't enough to keep Chi living. He then wakes up in a hospital and is promised a better life. Will things get better? Read More
(btw, this was my second story ever that I wrote 6 months ago) My name is Kuro Tenshi (meaning black angel). I am gay and I've had boyfriends but I haven't really had a true love yet. Will this new guy I meet be the one? I don't know! But… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Rouasha is deaf and mute. He's been hated by his family and classmates all his life. Then he came out he was gay and that just made it worse. One day he snapped and killed his parents. After running from the house he meets Sam. Sam actually shows that he… Read More
It's been a couple of years since the war and the pilots have settled down. But something happened to Wufei, and the others are just now realizing that all is not right with the former pilot of Nataku. Warnings: ANGST, torture, dark, lemons, threesome, no EW, POV switches Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Elijah is an assassin on the run after his lover is brutally murdered by their superior. Jael is an escaped slave, wandering aimlessly, an outcast in more ways than one. They set out together, meeting new friends, facing dangers, and maybe finding love at last. Read More
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