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As Dana Carvey’s “Church Lady” would say, “Aren’t we special!” Yeah, we were. Or at least it sure felt like it, and a lot of the time we were certainly treated like it. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A day in the life of two young boys, scouting for lost golf balls in the local country club's pond. Together they learn a little about life and to face their greatest fear : The Dunn, a pro-golfer who's reputation is to cut trespassers ears off. Read More
two boys are thinking to win a race Read More

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Just a fantasy story about someone's grade-school year summer. It's almost a flash fiction, but not quite. It's about kids, kites, and the growing process. Read More
(Thia storyline is true, although some bit had to be modified p, the person I’m basing this off is not wanting to share her name, so I won’t, I respect privacy. This disease is known, and very rare and contagious and a miracle my friend didn’t die.) Elizabeth Kaile Thunder… Read More
Christmas has brought back memories of my younger days, and visits with the Texas side of my family. --- And with the thoughts came this song. Read More

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a poem about almost getting attacked by a rattlesnake. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Once upon a time, in a tiny kingdom, there was a prince who had a best friend. In time, the prince became king, and when he did, he made his best friend the grand duke. This story is not about either of them. It's about the grand duke's son who… Read More
I wanted to write this small piece about youth. We all been there when he thought of the nurse being a terrible monster that hides inside a room. Like what the old saying implies, "Boys will be Boys" I suppose. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Once upon a time, in a tiny kingdom, there was a prince who had a best friend. In time, the prince became king, and when he did, he made his best friend the grand duke. This story is not about either of them. It's about the grand duke's son who… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Two boys disobey their mothers and go skating on dangerously thin ice. When one boy plunges through the ice, the other boy rescues him. Foiled in their attempt to escape punishment, both boys are forced to wear diapers. Read More
A poem about missed love and reality Read More
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This is a short story I wrote on request of a friend. He asked it to be about two boys that were walking in the woods and found something odd. There had to be shrubs and railway tracks in them. I admit not using the train tracks much but it… Read More
In “The Girl Among the Boys” you will go on an adventure with Ruby Edge who, when her mom couldn't afford anything else, is forced to go to an all boys school. Ruby has to keep her secret while having to dress and act like a boy, as well as… Read More
This is a Compare & Contrast essay I wrote for English 1302 concerning the Covington Catholic school boys and the media. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Marcus promised a lot...but promises can be broken. The man that is a leader of a supernatural gang, in same time hides a secret of his own. A secret that would bring him down, a secret that MUSTN'T get away. But what if the one knows? The youngest member of… Read More

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Living in a large body of water his entire life Nico always enjoyed exploring freely with his pod by his side. After being captured by humans though Nico's life changes drastically. He goes from venturing the open water to a fish bowl in a messy humans bedroom. Merely an exotic… Read More

Poem / Romance

December 15, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a poem that I wrote. It has the same title as a song I know. Read More

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Im hoping most of you guys could be in middle school right now, or at least have went through the things I'm going through till this day. I suffer from depression, maybe not extreme depression but till this point I can say I'm depressed. I dont know why people can… Read More
Four boys turn to life in the streets to make a way... Read More

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This poem i wrote called 'Brothers' is about the amazing brothers that we all have in our lives, even if we aren't blood related. The loyalty, trust and love that we give to our fellow peers is what makes us related to one another. Read More
This story is about young love that think that their love would last forever. Little that they know time could change everything so quickly Read More

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They say your life flashes before you in that moment before death. I could see it all reflected back at me in the cold merciless blade. I was standing under the cherry blossoms at my elementary school entrance ceremony, eating cake at my sister's wedding, standing outside praying the monster… Read More
Three boys discover a mysterious space ship from a time long forgotten. It turns out the ship is not abandoned after all... Read More

Book / Horror

November 27, 2017

For many years, a large island with an even larger facility has been created for young children and adults who have committed these crimes to change their current mindsets into more mature, well-mannered, well minded people and return back to society as well respected peoples of society. But beware… Read More
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