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When a private detective is hired to investigate four job applicants, he learns about the Meemap; a device popular amongst the young which allows them to reconfigure their personalities on two occasions per day, enabling them to achieve goals and take risks without fear or doubt. But will the… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

When a young man from a much-maligned council estate wins the national lottery and buys an imposing ex-military vehicle to drive around his town, this provokes the ire of disgruntled police officer Phil Sinclair. Jealous of Dean's undeserved fortune and exasperated by the realities of his job, Sinclair aims… Read More
This is my first time ever Writing fan fiction. This is only an introduction to my story. Read it if you a fan of SILVERSTEIN'S. The story is about, How Lexie got to meet her favorite band Silverstein. Will she ever get Shane Told or no? Read it to find… Read More
thought I would do something a tad bit different for myself. History is something I could never ignore. It was the food of the future and my satisfication to my hunger of, What happens next? Read More
*Finished* All Anya Maynard knows of her family are the two faceless names on her birth certificate and a gruesome headline from a twenty year old newspaper announcing her parents deaths. She never cared to know the how's or why's of it, a lifetime of abusive foster mothers and… Read More

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