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a war in the mind of us all Read More

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The question is:where does love come from? My Poem. Read More

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In Bulgarian. Tova e populjarna statija za pravilnija nachin na stareene, kojato vkljuchva njakakvo vstyplenie, konkretni glavi za pravilnija pogled vyrhu medicinata i umerenostta, za zaplahite ot byrzija prehoden period (tuk kym starostta), za grizhite za svoeto tjalo i negovite organi (bazirani na lichnija opit na avtora), posle za mozyka,… Read More
In Russian. Æto populjarnaja statÞja o pravilÞnom sposobe starenija, kotoraja vkljuchaet nekotoroe vvedenie, konkretnÝe glavÝ o pravilÞnom vzgljade na medicinu i umerennostÞ, ob ugrozah bÝstrogo perehodnogo perioda (zdesÞ k starosti), o zabotah dlja svoego tela i ego organov (bazirovannÝe na lichnom opÝte avtora), potom o mozge, i filosofskie zakljuchitelÞnÝe zamechanija.… Read More
This is popular article about the proper way to get old, which includes: introduction, concrete chapters about the right look at the medicine & moderation, the dangers of fast transitional periods (to the old age), cares about the body & its organs (based on personal experiences), then about the brain,… Read More

Poem / Poetry

February 12, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

Sprinkely Biscuit's way of saying things from my own perspective. Read More

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The Idea came to me, and I thought, Why not? Have a go. Clive was Always busy trying to help others to get well. He became very good at knowing what the body was all about. Read More

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Poem / Romance

October 15, 2019

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Poem / Fantasy

October 08, 2019

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Everyone faces the question of "Who am I?" - I have, more recently. When approaching this question, I considered the possibility that each aspect of our personalities could be an entirely different person inside of us. These people, when together, assemble who we are as a human being. Allow me… Read More
A poem about the mind before it starts to dissect the reality. A tribute to Buddha, Tao Te Ching and Pirsig. Also a weapon the you can use to counteract the voice coming from your animal brain. See my article "Animal Brain and Human Brain". Read More

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The mad mind is something we all possess. Unfortunately, few people have learned to tame it for productivity. The mad mind also called the ego is what gets us into war and conflict. Calming its hyperactivity can go a long way to improve man's evolution. Read More
Something that is actually happening, you're going to say it's a lie. My poem. Read More

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Ever feel trapped in your own head? Read More

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Poem / True Confessions

October 15, 2018

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An essay on the human and cosmic perspective of time. Read More

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An objective essay about God. Read More
Discussing some ideas behind unconsciousness and consciousness, and their differences and reasons and 'what are they's? Will do more stuff like this in the future. Things to look forward to: Subconsciousness, The Simulation World Idea, and other things about philosophy and/or exestantialism. Enjoy y'all! Read More
There is Storm that go's on in my brain that I can hardly Bear I ask God for strength to help me get through it and he answers me by showing me all things I have over came with these seizures and I realize he gave me all the… Read More

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Poem / Poetry

January 27, 2018

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The mind is a prison in which no one can escape. Read More

Poem / True Confessions

December 07, 2017

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My judgment's very clouded Read More
Do you think being alive is everything? Read More

Poem / Religion and Spirituality

October 30, 2017

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A sudden realisation Read More

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Jellyfish are the most peculiar creatures in the sea. They are mostly water and have no brain and filled with a current of high electricity that can kill. But what if one did have a brain and it could communicate with other fish, it had feelings, it could talk and… Read More

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A short poem of insecurity Read More
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