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There's something about the Amazon fires that doesn't quite tally up. Read More

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March 15, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

Cian and Saxon’s meeting in the heart of the Amazon is more than an encounter of two people; it’s the coming together of two different worlds. Their explorations and adventures take them deep into the rain forest and then halfway around the globe in search of a peaceful place to… Read More
For anyone interested in reading Brazil language/ Portuegese, where Kennet, a foreign exchange student, is from/ Para qualquer pessoa interessada em ler a língua brasileira / Portuegese, onde Kennet, um estudante de intercâmbio, é de. Read More
Os nós da mente. Os nós do coração. Vivemos um imenso emaranhado de cordas. Algumas nos prendem, outras nos livram. A linha tênue entre ter um hobbie e uma profissão no meio artístico. A dúvida, os sonhos e as inseguranças. A inconstância da vida nos faz desejar ficar presos a… Read More
When Juliana was about to die in a helicopter crash, she realized what was really important in life: LOVE Read More

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December 07, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

A short memory of our crossing of the Atlantic Ocean Read More
The predicaments of a Druid Pumpkin through the centuries until an odd Halloween in Brazil... Read More
Get Connected with VOICE7! Voice 7 is one of the fastest growing Telecom Service providers in the communication industry. We have achieved this mark by constantly improvising and using the latest technology available. Read More
Football, Soccer, Football, Soccer and bit fat stack paychecks Read More
Javier and his friends volunteer for a year in the Brazilian favelas. Their first day is both eye-opening and painfully enlightening. Read More
A list of books on the city of Sao Paulo, with emphasis in history and iconography. Read More
This is a fictional story but portrays the real life of many northeasterners living in precarious situations in Brazil. A sad reality of my country. I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT. BRAZILIAN KISSES :-) Read More

Book / Travel

September 01, 2012

In the summer of 1980, a maverick young doctor gave it all up, to hitchhike around the world. The first arc he carved with his thumb stopped a little red pickup that took him over the horizon. Like his mythical hunter companion, Orion, he was on a vision quest, propelled… Read More
A Black teenager tries to survive Brazil, the West and Poverty while living in a Favela(slum). Read More
Learn about the 6 rare species of 2012! Read More
On his way to Chile to give a lecture series on guerilla warfare, Diplomatic Service special advisor Peter Craig is asked to make unofficial enquiries about some distinctively coloured diamonds emanating from Brazil. His enquiries take him from the British Embassy in Rio, via a chance meeting with an old… Read More
The story of a writer fresh out of college trying to decide what to do with his life. He is stranded in the jungle, forcing himself to find his perfect story; and finding out that he may not be able to handle it. Read More
Suddenly, without warning all ten years of Nick's relationship with Steven flashed before him, as Steven tells Nick it's over. But being kicked out of his home he shares with Steven, is the least of Nick's problems, as he finds out that it is his younger sister who is taking… Read More
Five Shocking Stories. Five Lives. One World. What would your story be if all hell broke lose? What if the world ended? Read More
Nations Apart is a short memoir about my childhood. The troubles I was faced with. I left a lot of information out, because it is a short story. Read More
The mission in life of sea turtles who are kept in parks for public visitation. The importance of their role in people's enlightenment as to the fragility of our ecosystem. Read More
A boy goes home to his birthplace and replaces professional training-school soccer with the raw sport played on the streets where it was started. It's not very much of a story, but for some reason I just felt like writing something absurdly simple and straight to the point. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A story in 1st person about a zombie apocalypse [NOT FINISHED] Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Georgina "Georgie" Chevalier is caught in the middle of the fray of the war just starting in Brazil. She is one of the first people kidnapped and taken to the jungle for unknown and possibly nefarious reasons. Grayson Montgomery is sent to go rescue her along with a team of… Read More
Just a little piece about Miara and Daniel. This is a Miara from a different multiverse than in the Taki & Miara stories, and this one has been given care of a Lupa orphan named Daniel. He's about 1. It's just a little glimpse, really, not an actual story. Read More
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