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The Vampire Virus is spreading fast. Only you can become a vampire in more ways then one. Bree is a typical teenager in a strange world where anything you touch could turn you. When her mother disapears, Bree is offered help by a kind handsome guy who she has met… Read More

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March 29, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

This FanFic is after Breaking Dawn where Bree lives with the Cullen's. Bree tries to forget about her past but when her life takes an unexpected turn back into it, can she handle it? This FanFic is also about Diego and how he's trying to relocate his past. Read More
Bree did something wrong that would haunt her for a lifetime, she now lives in guilt and pain, a dark hole agony. Is putting a end to her life an option, or does she have other options that leave her a future with just a little spark...? Read More
Victoria and her newborn army went after The Cullens,not Bella. Truth be told,when the cullens returned back to Forks,the couldn't find Bella. Bree is left,and the Volturi want her dead,but what happens and how does Bella get in this? Read More
Part 2 elissa nadaiden meet for the frst time. It seems as i theyt will be friends for a while. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Teddy was an Elesian and he was transfered into Gordon Holder's body so that he could pretend to be Gordon when his family didn't know that the real Gordon was dead. Unlike the other family members, Gordon's sister Bree had the ability to see through souls and she knew that… Read More
What if the cullens had saved Bree? Would she be able to control herself? Would she be mourning over Diego? Find out 5 years on! Enjoy ~Natx~ Read More
Lily is a girl with many talents, she can especially sing. She always wanted to be famous. One day she decided to sign up for a school talent show with her 3 friend Toria, Bree and Alison. From there they became famous. All because of Justin Drew Bieber. Lilly may… Read More

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December 28, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

What if the cullens had saved Bree? Would she be able to control herself? Would she be mourning over Diego? Find out 5 years on! Enjoy ~Natx~ Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Happy memories between me and Domi. Most of it is this year. - Bree You might find this totally weird, but we had fun, and we're posting it anyway. - Domi Read More
I woke up to a terrible pain in my head. I didn’t know what happened; only that something bad happened. What the hell happened? Did I die? Do I have serious wound, fatal even? Did I kill someone? ‘Hello?’ a voice said. I stirred. ‘Alicia? Are you okay? C’mon, open… Read More
The story is about a girl who is part of Riley and Victoria's army. Only read if a twilight fan, because it will make no sense if you are not. Read More
Just watched Eclipse on the 29 at midnite!!! IT was so worth 6 hour wait in line... with my family!! Anywho while watching, my cousin I were wondering why Bree, the last newborn to be killed, was killed. Sure the Volturis reason was to make sure they didnt look soft...… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

An academy full of supernatural creatures, every one of them learning to survive on their own in the world... But when on the other side of the wrought iron gates of Black Lace Academy... You must make a choice, light or dark? Or does it choose you? ©MoonDust 2010 Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

One hot summer in the Hamptons, everything will change for three girls and one very lucky confused guy. This story is filled with twists and turns and unexpected truths. No one expected what would happen that fateful summer. This story will bring tears to your eyes, a smile on your… Read More

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July 12, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

Bree Degrassi has known the same boys Tanner and Jacob Halloway since their mother's had got together after five years of not seeing eack other. Bree used to be little Baby-Bree who the boys used to think of as a little sister but when she develops and turns into a… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Bree, a 16 year old girl, runs away from home, prior to her parents demands to get her baby aborted. Read More
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