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The Booksie Classic House

taken from my book, "I Gotta Find My Mind" Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Some traits are more valuable than others. Read More
12 year old Mark finds himself surrounded by a world be hates... His father hates him, he doesn't understand anything. He hears crying one day, from a building high up on the hill... Read More
Breeding Perfection takes place in the near future and is run by a government desperately attempting to create a utopia by perfecting its citizens. Society is broken into different segments and the majority of the population is unaware of the other segments. In Chapter 1 you are introduced to SAM,… Read More
This is a fictional poem. Read More

Short Story / Fantasy

November 17, 2013

Mariah Nixon found out she was a Green Blood (Desendent of a Vampire Cross WereWolf) and she has to convince the Vampire and WerWolfs to be allies again for the sake of the world. Because a new force is enslaving the world -the Robots. Prone to Vampire and WereWolf bites,… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Audrey Howard is a seventeen year-old from London, England. She's a good girl who makes a bad, bad mistake when she decides to ignore the human curfew and an odd warning from a stranger in favor of a late-night party. Instead, she finds herself in the hands of Vincent Delacroix.… Read More
There are few things that we never forget, not in a million years, "The Twin Cherries" is a short story, actually it's a true story that I lived when I was kid.. Read More
There's a shortage of werewolf women for breeding. Only a few left in exsistance, and guess what? I'm one of them... While looking like a beautful American student on the outside, 18 year old Cassie is really dangerous on the inside. Being one of the few remaining shewolves, she's always… Read More
Following a creative writing class for senior citizens, an old man relates a bizarre tale from his youth, a story which suggests a human breeding season each year. Read More
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