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The self-proclaimed nation of Marinabridge is an improbable haven: an upcycled arcology, built in international waters upon a colossal trans-oceanic bridge. It represents a last chance for nature and humanity in an increasingly ravaged and isolationist world. Here, Davis Young works as a reutilisation engineer, embodying the principles of recycling… Read More

Short Story / Other

November 23, 2020

If you found someone of a bridge, what would you do? Read More

Tags: fall, autumn, bridge

Just another hungry Troll story. Read More
The residents of Gates Bridge receive a strange visitor: a man in a suit who seems to look for someone... Read More
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Tags: myth, bridge, water, rumor

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Tags: bridge, cat, guardian

In South Yorkshire, England, there is a haunted bridge in Stocksbridge. When Detective Harry Taylor, and his partner Detective Jenny Parker, investigate reports of a monk on the bridge, they fear for their sanity after they encounter it. The sequel to Stocksbridge. Read More
A horror novel, based on a real haunted bridge in England, that is the cause of many accidents in the United Kingdom. Read More
Just a story about getting things done in the communities of today. Read More

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Poem / Fantasy

December 27, 2019

Try to be sane... Read More

Short Story / Fantasy

July 11, 2019

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Here is the latest Dana Illwind and Sorcerer Lord Jayden story, a pair of unlikely heroes first seen in the short story Not Quite a Hero. Jayden was nearly killed by the iron golem Wall Wolf and is in no rush for a grudge match. Sadly, Wall Wolf's master has… Read More
The path one takes in life may lead to something, but not always somewhere. Read More

Tags: bridge, forest, wet, dry

Travelling back one night I had to cross the main bridge that would take me back to the town. Read More

Book / Fantasy

April 25, 2019

Heidi is a lovable person, hardly ever gets angry. But there are some things in life that can really hurt. Note: I started writing this story without knowing where it's going to lead me. Read More

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Here's another story with Dana Illwind and Sorcerer Lord Jayden, who were first seen in Not Quite a Hero. Fair warning, there's a cliffhanger ending. Read More
Tracy Lawry August, Flanders's princess among the cheerleaders, consents to going out on a date with him and to rider their ponies to her secret place that is like Heaven to her, They arrive. And it is a flowing creek under a countryside bridge. She says that Heaven is all… Read More

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On the edge, ready to fall. Read More

Short Story / Flash Fiction

October 13, 2018

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I've just got to make it over that bridge. Read More

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The voices in his head buzz madly driving him to the farthest fringe of paranormal derangement. Read More
Just a short short story I've written~ Read More

Tags: love, sad, girl, boy, bridge

Poem / True Confessions

September 21, 2017

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Where do you go when you're stuck on a bridge? ... Nowhere... Read More

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Eva and myself decided to do an experiment. We wanted to see if we could meet each other in our dreams. Read More
A man comes back to the village after a long time away and realizes that there is no place like home. Read More

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