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It’s Friday on a cold, wet November evening in London and Kevin Anderson is returning home from work, questioning his future in the civil service. His journey will take him to Soho after following a man who had been following him. Across town in Covent Garden Jason Collins thinks about… Read More
The Twelfth Doctor has regenerated. Now in a female body for the first time, the Thirteenth Doctor crashes to Earth and meets an ordinary London gentleman. Together they embark on the journey of a lifetime. An original story set between Twice Upon a Time and the Series 11 premiere… Read More
British People are known to eat the sweet, bitter Orange Marmalade on toast for Breakfast. Of course there are people who like it, and those who don't. But what if some British Gentleman would enjoy Marmalade a little too much? And what would happen if he ever ran out… Read More
Charles, my mate wants to get himself an overseas girlfriend. I prefer to go for the british one. We both love our football club so much that we want our girlfriends to be part of it. Read More
This is an article about British Fictional Detectives as portrayed in both books and on television. The article details how detectives come to be created within the crime genre and considers their enduring and increasing popularity with the public. The article also includes the writers A-Z of favourite British detectives. Read More
Hi there, I'm Jon. Join me on one man's journey through university: complete with long-winded anecdotes, mildly amusing quips and downtrodden musings for the trip of a lifetime. Plus, you can read this for free - a student's favourite word! Ironic that isn't it? Read More
After many years composing and producing music for advertising companies, our author looks back on one of the more degrading sessions he had with clients. Read More

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The CLOG House

‘Rovers Return’ is a Sci-Fi Comedy short story (2,000 words) about a Frankendroid brought to life on Mars and hailed as the King of Robots. Read More
What happens when teens are left in detention at school and then suddenly all the power is gone and they are free to do what they want? Read More
A brief look at Sir Robert Peel and when he created London's Metropolitan Police Service. Read More
As King George III starts creating new tax laws, the colonists start a rebellion. The British Royal Army does not like this, starting to arrest colonists. The citizens reply with riots and killing British soldiers. King George III soon starts a war to end the colonists' rebellion. The British fight… Read More
This story is based on my husband's experiences with an eccentric art collector named Earnest Onians, who enjoyed brief posthumous fame when a valuable painting was discovered in his estate. Reference: ( Read More
John is a 13 year old pansexual boy. He meets a boy called Kai and becomes attracted to him. Later he meets Kylie and becomes attracted to her too. John must choose one of them... Read More
My story, expected to be in around 5 parts. Read More
Spring Protection is about the two best friends, Stephen and Brian, who find themselves defending the British shores against German invasion. Read More
It could be argued that 'The Great British Seaside' is where everlasting childhood memories are made, a time of fun and excitement. As an adult, 'The Great British Seaside' becomes a place of relaxation and contemplation, memories of the past and hopes and dreams for the future. A person's love… Read More
How does John react to going back to work in Scotland yard after Sherlock jumped? Building chapters. Read More
You know how you always complain about having to deal with your own family and stuff? Stop. Usually, a boy likes a girl, and the family hates her. I don't have that problem. The family loves me. The only problem is that it's the family of my best friend's boyfriend… Read More
Another Essay i did in year 12- 2012 on the beatles and their influence on british life in the 1960's. Once again, would LOVE LOVE LOVE! some feedback x Thoughtful Nights ~ x Read More
A journey from youth to manhood, from high school to university, via college, the workplace, the job centre and college once again. Read More
I found this poem I wrote a while back. It is about being from mixed heritage parents, being a British Muslim and about being a second generation immigrant. Read More
This is one of the smartest short stories you will ever read! Read More
Six New Poetry Books Fine Arts Poetry 6 x 40 Lyrical Literatures & Photography 1) 40 – Title: Poetic Scriptures, 6 x 40 Lyrical Literatures, Volume 1 2) 40 – Title: Thy Holy Words, 6 x 40 Lyrical Literatures, Volume 2 3) 40 – Title: The Minister of Peace, 6… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Daniel Ackerley is a uptight yet sweet High school senior from England who flies with his top archeologist mother to break into an unopened pyramid in Egypt. *hey you's, I've got a little request. English is not my native language so I kind of rape it sometimes... so... If you… Read More
The story of amnesia, smart manservants, dumb lords, overdosage, a musical number, jewels!, minor theft, homelessness, instructions, and a very good ending (that's not that good). I was a bit crazy when I wrote this, reading the whole thing aloud in a Texan and British accent. Read More
Romeo Maskey's Endless Journey Beyond is a collection of poems that depicts the writer's every day struggles through the urban civility and materialism to love and tragedies in life and many ways life itself. Finding solace in literary expression through poetic verses, the writer construes his every day tantrums filled… Read More
For North Shields locals, or simply anyone in a Town with its quirks. Read More
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