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An apology poem to the woman I love. For reference, "Onion Knight" and "Sweetie Pea" are pet names for each other based on a game I was making. Read More
Short story #2 After "What happened Friday?" Read More
All of us have experienced heartbreaks at some point in life. The intensity of each heartbreak varies depending on how much time you have spent together, by the end of it all you know that he/she makes you feel the way you shouldn't be feeling but there's little you can… Read More
The story starts in summer, it's obviously sunny and a perfect time to be at the beach to just lay down on the sand and watch the people as they do their business. But clumsy Lexie just had to go and fetch the ball that her friends had thrown too… Read More
No one is perfect in this world. In fact, no one has ever been perfect. Imperfection had always been the beauty in everyone's eyes. Some have the need to BE PERFECT. But in this case of Gray Perseus London, they knew perfection and imperfection were one in the same. "This… Read More
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