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Over the river and through the woods to a random grandmother's house they go. Then, things get dark. And weird. This installment features gun fights, bank robberies, and a bunch of buildings. Details inside. Post-descriptive stuff from me : It's taken me forever to finish this, and I'd like to… Read More
As their lives implode, a journalist and a bartender find themselves on the run from the federal government. Having stopped at a bar for a beer and a bite, they apprehensively work their way into Kentucky, and further towards consequence. Many hazards are encountered on this nearly psychedelic road-trip; slow-moving… Read More
Owen Green just wants to be normal. To live in his house by the sea and forget he has a powerful gift from the gods in his veins. But the rule of the Legion threatens to Cleanse him of his power should he be found, and a Cleansing could mean… Read More
I am lark a person who can't move on amd trap im the past. Read More
You're a little bored with the world as it's now,but can you do something to change it?But what if the world you're bored isn't the world that you live anymore?Going to Zerweon was not what you planned for you vacations,but now you just have the option to go along with… Read More
Just looking for some advice, this is just the main idea. PREVIEW Read More
2 No.1 albums, 2 sell-out world tours, and on the verge of a third tour and album, the boys of One Direction seem to be living the dream. However, when the boys decide to do a 7 hour live stream, nobody realises just how hard keeping secrets can get.... A… Read More
Leonardo has secretly been in love with his younger brother Raphael for a long time now, and he thinks its time to tell him, what he doesn't know is Raphael has loved him just as much over the years. After they find out about each others secrets, Leonardo meets a… Read More
Meet Alex, Rock, Toad and Eric, four friends brought together by a mutual love of one thing. Weed. Their senior year was supposed to be their "chill year", a time when they could just coast on the work of the last three years until going off to college. Unfortunately, a… Read More

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May 22, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

[+13] When Taylor, an exchange student, moves to the United Kingdom, she meets the school jock... Austin Blaze. Read More
Louis and Harry are caught in the fandom all the time.. Is it real love, or not? Read More
A poem about touch relationships, morals, hypocrisy... Interesting read, about 30 seconds, why not? :) Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

"WHAT, Boarding school, dad you can't be serious" were the words that left Dixie's mouth after her dad revealed the news of her being shipped off to boarding school, all entirely the heads idea of course, but little did they both know that the boarding school the head teacher had… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Neil loses his parents and his two friends, both adults, offer to lend a helping hand. But he's unaware of their motives. Can this really be good? Read More
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