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Some time ago a page-one headlines in The Valley Morning Star (Harlingen, Texas) read “Texas Hispanics behind half of state’s growth since 2010.” Instead, why wasn’t the headline “White Texans still largest demographic group in Texas,” or “Texas White population continues to drop”? The article went on to differentiate between… Read More
Imagine a place where the color of your skin determined your place in society, your treatment (or mistreatment), your ability to thrive or even your ability to simply survive. Imagine being marginalized and ostracized, not for what you’ve said or done, but rather, because of the color of your skin,… Read More
Several years ago, I wrote an essay entitled “Growing Up Brown.” It was my recollection of growing up in a divided America, and in a time filled with bigotry, hate and discrimination. Read More
Growing up in the Valley in the 1940s and 1950s, I experienced and saw life through the eyes of a young brown boy, born in the USofA like my parents, but relegated to the back of the bus, and always to the end of the line. Read More

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Many of you may know a little about my life. You may have read my writings about my military life, and how war changed me from a naïve young boy, into a disillusioned and scarred man, with no time in between the two to savor the pleasures and wonders of… Read More
Growing up with a Mexican heritage in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas meant being taught respect. Respect of our elders and respect for our “betters.” And “betters,” without much elaboration to small brown kids in the Valley back in my day, meant the Anglos, the Whites, the landowners. Read More
I remember as a kid, one day I asked my mother, “Why am I brown?” I think I had asked the question after we had returned home from the grocery store one day. Read More

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I am brown. I am proud. I am Mexican, Spaniard and Indian. I am a Texan. I am an American. I am the essence of all that is America because I am a part of what helped to make America. Do not pity me. Read More
I grew up among the tangled weeds and wildflowers that once defined the landscape of our lives in a valley stretching out from the banks of the Rio Grande. It was a time of hardship and adversity. A time when brown-skinned men and women were a commodity to be used… Read More
I dreamt I was a child the other night. A brown skinned boy of four or five. My clothes were ragged and my hair uncombed. My shoes where too big for my little feet, and my ears too large for my little head. Read More
I was born into a divided America, and into a time filled with bigotry, hate and discrimination. Seventy years later, the animosity lingers, the enmity more selective and more strident, and the acrimony more piercing and lethal Read More

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Not everyone knows what it feels like to be scorned and reviled simply for existing. Read More

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The wailing of a child in hunger, the silent weeps of utter hopelessness coming from the bosom of its protector, weak and frail herself, wordlessly pleading in desperation, not for herself, but for her starving child. Read More

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January 12, 2021

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Just thoughts/questions Read More

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November 01, 2020

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A song i had a melody in my head for 20 years. Couldn't come up with words...till now. Read More

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A horror novel inspired by the famous 1936 black and white photograph of the Brown Lady ghost of Raynham Hall, in Norfolk, England. Read More

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December 07, 2018

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Pittsburgh Police Detective Tierra Holt has only been on the force for three years. She is given an assignment by Sheriff Cas Popler. She must track down a serial killer who is attacking women based on their hair & eye color. In the killer's perfect world, women would only have… Read More
Story about a little brown moth who flew to the sun. Read More
A Journey in to the world of your inner mind, One man goes on a quest to figure out why he's trapped in what he thinks is a dream, what will chris do what will he find, will you discover something true to you? Read More

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I've often wondered, "how would you describe colours to someone who couldn't see?" And recently I started watching a series where the main character is blind and it brought up the question again. How do you describe colours to someone who can't see? So I decided I'd try to do… Read More
An essay about my personal experiences with racism. The use of African American as a designator of race and not point of origin. The fact that we are essentially all Africans, having all originated from Africa. How we should abandon African American as a designation of the race for… Read More
There are many types of love, and for each love, there is a color. Here are some of the basics. Read More

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What color are her eyes Read More

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October 07, 2014

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READ ME: Class assignment. For school we had to pick a song and then write something as if we were the singer of the song. I picked Try Me by James Brown since I'm in love with the movie Get On Up Read More

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