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Performing has always been a big part of her life. Scarlett has done acting and singing her whole life. It's her one true passion. When she finally gets her big break, she doesn't give a second thought. She jumps head first into the world of Hollywood. She realizes it's much… Read More
Summer 2009, we were soon to deploy to Afghanistan and time wasn't on our side as we decided how to spend our leave. A bucket list, a coffee and a broken arm later we were in Europe breaking our travelling cherries. After all the European traffic, missed flights and abnormal… Read More
A forgotten estate in Middlesbrough's industrial back end, many secrets are held within its houses, some were made to be found out, others die with their holders. Read More
Rome, Dominic's demise! A personal look at how a night partying in Italy's capital just wasn't enough for Dom, told through the eyes of his ever suffering travel buddy! Read More

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December 14, 2012

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Jasmijn Van der Burg has always wanted to be a singer, one of the greats. Now that she has the perfect band behind her, will she get that record label she's always wanted? Or how about that boy who seems interested but hasn't made her his girlfriend yet? Will her… Read More
Bryan is an 18 year old werewolf without a pack. He has found his mate, a human girl named Avery, who after having witnessed the murder of her parents finds herself alone in the world and completely drawn to Bryan. The two find themselves on the run from Caine, the… Read More
Kelly is dieing and Bryan is carrying too much baggage. Will she live? Will Bryan realize what's going on? Read More
Jaidyn awakes to find she was in a stange place. She was confussed, and terrified. Clearing her head. Jaidyn realizes, she is`nt at her birthday party anymore. But where was she? How did she get there? More importantly.. Who took her? And Why? Thinking she was going to die. Jaidyn… Read More
Ronnie Radke has been in love with Juliet Summers since his senior year of high school. They have been together for years. Then Ronnie starts getting addicted to drugs, and becomes abusive. What lengths will Juliet go to, to save herself? And what will happen to Ronnie when she does?… Read More

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Brittnay Meets Bryan Montey . Money .......... Many Chapters To Come :) Read More
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