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don't bang your head. Read More

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What really happens on the most important night of the year? Read More
Car. Gum. Bump. What more can I say? Read More
When a heartbroken girl tries to turn a player into a gentleman without falling love with him, things aren't going as well as planned. Read More
As an escaped metal patient steals from local banks, he finds mysterious ways to find young children and touch them. He is wanted for many crimes that he has commited. Will his killing, robbing, molesting, and crimes ever end? From the creator of Melinda's Winter and Insane one. Read More
It's up to you if you will choose the wrong way to be happy or choose the right way with all the pain in your heart. Read More
I just had a funny thought...what would happen if all the ants were ill....I know, very weird! Read More
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