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Africa has lots of resources and lots of labour but little or no development Read More
This is an article "Making Videos More Social" by Marc Primo. Do you agree that anyone can make quality-produced films today? Even if you don't have a film degree, you can post plenty of video shorts everywhere on social media these days and most people are willing to watch. However,… Read More
A bolt of lightning fried our modem, un-plugging me from the Matrix for a few days and this short story was the result of having plenty of quieter time to think. I'm sure there are plenty of little nagging mistakes that I missed, or places that it could have been… Read More
This is an article "The Best Free Marketing Alternatives Out There" by Marc Primo. If you are a hands-on digital marketer, going online for the best free tools available can give you a thousand or more hits. This can easily give you more of a headache than what you're really… Read More
This is an article "Optimize Online Traffic with the Google Search Console" by Marc Primo. Just like how credit card owners want to maintain good standing with their bank, so too should SEO practitioners with Google in terms of earning good search rankings. The Google Search Console allows you to… Read More
This is an article "Everything You Need to Know About On-Page SEO" by Marc Primo. In the world of digital marketing, a 'keyword' is exactly what its name tells you. It's the key that unlocks opportunities for your website to gain improved traffic, more conversions, and wider reach to more… Read More
This is an article "Defining Your Customer's Digital Journey" by Marc Primo. Like traveling, a customer's journey comprises many turns and forks on the road. As a digital marketer, it is your job to serve as your customer's GPS that will guide them to where they really need to be.… Read More
Lawn mowing kids need to squeeze out the competition. Read More
This is an article "How Google Ads Work" by Marc Primo. With over 246 million unique visitors, 3.5 billion daily interactions, and around 700% ROI, Google Ads is one of the best options to spend your money on ads and gain a wider reach. As one of the many great… Read More
this is an article "define and engage your target market" by marc primo. using data to properly reach your desired audience and segment consumers is the very definition of target marketing. these days, data is a very important asset in digital marketing that allows you to create more efficient strategies… Read More
This is an article "How to Generate Leads via Digital Marketing" by Marc Primo. Early on in the year, promising new trends were about to take the digital marketing world by storm. However, things went awry as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold globally causing a few changes in the way… Read More
This is an article "How to Earn as a Freelance Writer" by Marc Primo. Aside from dealing with the threats of COVID-19, many Americans have also found themselves suddenly struggling to secure jobs and earn money. This, as numerous small businesses begin closing down leaving thousands unemployed. With the current… Read More

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This is an article "What You Can Do for Businesses Right Now" by Marc Primo. Social distancing has hurt most in-person shops and businesses since calls to flatten the COVID-19 curve were implemented all around the world, and so far there's no clear sign when things will return to normal.… Read More

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The Science Fiction House

With climate change on everyone's mind, who'd be better suited to lead the way into the future than a shady megacorp? Read More
This story might be listed under, "Marriage advice for young ladies", but that category didn't come up and I really didn't think it was exactly right anyway. So I wrote a short story about a Dad's advise and let it go at that. Read More
Elesandra Tower has been thinking. Thinking it's about time to get back to designing, after taking the last few years off to help build her best friend Lucas Vito's interior design company. She's been on top of her game, keeping up with the latest trends; all while booking and scheduling… Read More
Buy it here: Use the right methods: Succeed in your life by researching the right methods and applying them. This essay is all about success and in short it says that success is always the result of adapted methods and those adapted methods you need to craft by yourself… Read More
The following is an article "Why Your Staff Needs Team Building Breaks" by Marc Primo. Everybody needs time-off from the office and most companies give their employees paid vacations and sick leaves to strike that perfect work-life balance. But apart from these benefits, companies also grant their employees team building… Read More

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The following is an article "Call Centers and Which Ones Can Help Your Business" by Marc Primo. The concept of customer service has been a vital aspect of business since time immemorial. Providing customers the fastest way they can get assistance, answer their queries, and get quick turnarounds manages their… Read More
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The changing seasons provides inspiration for the growth of a couple's business. Read More
The following is an article "Five Innovative Businesses That Came Out of Hackathons" by Marc Primo. As its name implies, hacakthons are a marathon of hacks from various tech experts who are mostly into the modern entrepreneurial world of startups. They are those who are ready for sleepless nights to… Read More

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‘We Are All Gamers’ is a personal-based guide on how to engage younger generations in modern digital workplaces. Read More
The following is an article “Seven Easy Steps For The Perfect Product Pitch” by Marc Primo. Earning your prospective client’s interest requires a seamless pitch that gets right to the point. Putting together an attention-grabbing presentation, whether on powerpoint or over the phone, entails creativity, integrity, and the right amount… Read More

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In mid-1980s New York City, recent business school graduate Brian Sarandon is working at his father's Savings & Loan empire, but feels suffocated by his father's influence, and aims to free himself of it. His roommate, a DJ and club owner named Lindsay, is being pressured to take on a… Read More
The finger's always pointed somewhere. Cover image: Read More

Featured Review by Sue Harris

"Ha, love this, Hully Name and shame, but no-one will ever take the blame. All the way back to primary school... it wasn't me Miss, he hit me fir..." Read More

Alexandra Reed is 25 years old. She works for Robin Fly, an advertising agency in Chicago. She works hard and likes her job as assistant to a creative director. She wants to be an advertising copywriter someday but for now she likes her job. Alex's life takes a huge turn… Read More
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