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The following is an article "Two Important Keyword Tools for SEO Beginners" by Marc Primo Pulisci. If you are planning to learn the fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO) to help your digital marketing efforts reach greater heights, one of the first things you'll discover is the importance of keywords.… Read More

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I’m not sure how to react to the news. The Global Confections Corporation may acquire our hometown Heritage Falls Candy Company. Heritage Falls is a company town and HFC or “the company” as most folks call it, is the single largest employer in town, and in fact, is the reason… Read More
Elesandra Tower has been thinking. Thinking it's about time to get back to designing, after taking the last few years off to help build her best friend Lucas Vito's interior design company. She's been on top of her game, keeping up with the latest trends; all while booking and scheduling… Read More
Buy it here: Use the right methods: Succeed in your life by researching the right methods and applying them. This essay is all about success and in short it says that success is always the result of adapted methods and those adapted methods you need to craft by yourself… Read More
The following is an article "How Virtual Offices Can Help Your Business" by Marc Primo Pulisci. More startups and freelancers are looking to work in virtual offices for many reasons other than lesser overhead costs and a boost in productivity. This new trend is also abreast with how current technological… Read More
I haven't been on for a while! Well, I found another thing to rant about, so here we are. Enjoying, being triggered; however you respond, here's what I got. Read More
The following is an article "Why Your Staff Needs Team Building Breaks" by Marc Primo Pulisci. Everybody needs time-off from the office and most companies give their employees paid vacations and sick leaves to strike that perfect work-life balance. But apart from these benefits, companies also grant their employees team… Read More

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The following is an article "Call Centers and Which Ones Can Help Your Business" by Marc Primo Pulisci. The concept of customer service has been a vital aspect of business since time immemorial. Providing customers the fastest way they can get assistance, answer their queries, and get quick turnarounds manages… Read More
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The changing seasons provides inspiration for the growth of a couple's business. Read More
The following is an article "Five Innovative Businesses That Came Out of Hackathons" by Marc Primo Pulisci. As its name implies, hacakthons are a marathon of hacks from various tech experts who are mostly into the modern entrepreneurial world of startups. They are those who are ready for sleepless nights… Read More

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‘We Are All Gamers’ is a personal-based guide on how to engage younger generations in modern digital workplaces. Read More
The following is an article “Why SEO Agencies Fail to Help Small Businesses” by Marc Primo Pulisci. We live in a fast-paced digital world, where almost everybody spends time online and virtually anything can be searched on Google. As some might say, “everything is just a click away.” This is… Read More
The following is an article “What You Should Know Before Hiring a PPC Company” by Marc Primo Pulisci. If you want to increase online traffic for your website, then Google Ads is one of your best bets. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the most effective marketing tools today that… Read More
The following is an article “Seven Easy Steps For The Perfect Product Pitch” by Marc Primo Pulisci. Earning your prospective client’s interest requires a seamless pitch that gets right to the point. Putting together an attention-grabbing presentation, whether on powerpoint or over the phone, entails creativity, integrity, and the right… Read More

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In mid-1980s New York City, recent business school graduate Brian Sarandon is working at his father's Savings & Loan empire, but feels suffocated by his father's influence, and aims to free himself of it. His roommate, a DJ and club owner named Lindsay, is being pressured to take on a… Read More
The following is an article “Understanding A Shopper’s Logic” by Marc Primo Pulisci. Every business needs to study their customers’ needs and preferences, making shopping a scientific and psychological process. Focused studies on the behavior of consumers have been conducted by major companies to understand what goes on inside the… Read More
The following is an article “Running A Startup Business on the Internet For Young Professionals” by Marc Primo Pulisci. The internet is an essential tool in today’s world of business. More and more startups are investing on the power of digitalization to reach consumers and come up with effective business… Read More
The following is an article “The Latest Marketing Tips for Your Small Business” by Marc Primo Pulisci. A lot of small businesses have to deal with unique challenges before finding success. To name a few, there are budget constraints, limitations to marketing strategies, and even branding. While these challenges can… Read More
The following is an article “Tips on How to Manage a Remote Workforce” by Marc Primo Pulisci. In the last few years, more and more startups have chosen to manage remote workforces. Aside from providing workers with more convenience and better time management, other advantages of working outside the office… Read More
The following is an article “Be A Digital Nomad in Three Easy Steps” by Marc Primo Pulisci. These days, more professionals are opting to shift from a desk job to working remotely anywhere, anytime. While being a digital nomad has its own conveniences in terms of flexibility and time management,… Read More
The following is an article “Outdo Your Competition Through Digital Transformation” by Marc Primo Pulisci. In today’s business landscape, it is vital for companies to keep up with current trends to forge ahead of the competition. One must acquire the proper insight and be able to make the right adjustments… Read More
The following is an article “How Customer Experience Tells Your Story” by Marc Primo Pulisci. We are all moved by compelling stories. Whether they are told on film or over a cup of coffee, we listen to the things that interest us. The same goes with every brand in the… Read More
The following is an article “Online Reputation Management and Your Business” by Marc Primo Pulisci. Your online reputation dictates how target users take your business at face value. It’s a no-brainer that good management tactics can greatly influence users’ views and lead more of them to visit sites regularly. With… Read More
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"Ha, love this, Hully Name and shame, but no-one will ever take the blame. All the way back to primary school... it wasn't me Miss, he hit me fir..." Read More

Alexandra Reed is 25 years old. She works for Robin Fly, an advertising agency in Chicago. She works hard and likes her job as assistant to a creative director. She wants to be an advertising copywriter someday but for now she likes her job. Alex's life takes a huge turn… Read More
A playful, big-hearted tragicomedy in the Russo/Irving mold, American Corporate chronicles the misadventures of middle-aged Jack Sullivan and his family as they bounce across the country in search of gainful employment, domestic tranquility, and a few people they can trust. It is a story that working parents past, present and… Read More

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