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A short radio play about the problems faced by a family and a painting bequeathed to them. Read More

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Mommy and Daddy never loved me. Always putting work before me, leaving me in this massive house to rot, and pushing me onto Alfred, our butler. Why have a child if you're not going to take care of it? Why have a Christmas if your family is never there to… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Sean and Crimson have been together for a while but now they're being pulled apart. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Ariel is the daughter of the well known Parker family. Her father is known for his excellence in law enforcement and her mother for her talent in writing reviews and advertisements as a reporter, but what happens when the man she falls in love with is despised by not only… Read More
will stanton comes from a very noble family..... Daniel craft comes from a very rich family.... their family´s are very good friends with each other, so naturally Will and Daniel are the best of friends since childhood. But as time pass by and they start to grown up they realize… Read More
Avril and her butler Alexander are trying to keep her mansion running and keep the creatures in the Abyss at bay. ~I DO NOT OWN ANY ANIMES MENTIONED IN THIS STORY. ONLY A FEW OC'S. THIS IS A FAN FICTION.~ Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Alira Phantomhive is a young 13 year old girl who had a terrible past. She has the ability to control fire and anything cold irritates her. Her parents are no more. To replace them and to act as her bodyguard/ butler/ caretaker, a devil named Sebastian makes his appearance and… Read More
Sam and Dean are on their way to England to fight a mysterious demon named Sebastian. It proves tougher than they thought, and must call Castiel for help. PLUS I FAILED AT THIS...PLEASE LEAVE INSULTING COMMENTS BELOW! Read More
PG-13 William Dower, is a witch. But he has a specialized power, that even he doesnt know what it is. In Will's opinion, Bunny Heart, actually named Izuki Heart, is a hero. While highschool is hard enough, she must also use her unique magic power to keep peace in the… Read More
What will Rose and her boyfriend Alex wear to the party. (All I could think of) Read More

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Of course, any would love to have a butler? but a girl as a butler? just read i suck at summaries Read More

Poem / Fantasy

February 12, 2012

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my one anime love Read More
So this is a piece I wrote for my boyfriend for his forensics act. It's an interior monologue (or an attempt at one) showing Rick's thought process as he lives through Just getting started. This is my first time writing a monologue like this so any kind of feed back… Read More

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A young adventurous princess fights the forces of evil to save her kingdom. Read More
you've heard of the Undertaker havent you? the man (i feel like i should call them a dude.) who lives in a morge! ever wondered how he became so weird? so did i. but then i wrote this. this is the story of Undertaker, how he became who and what… Read More

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this is a sample of my new novel that I'm trying to publish. I'd like some feedback and maybe tips on where I could get it published. And I also want to know if people will like it. Read More

Poem / Poetry

March 15, 2011

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Look at what my imaginary butler can do!! Read More

Tags: humor, butler

Book Genre: Mystery, Suspense/Fiction Book Word Count: 85,256 “911, What is your emergency?” “I think someone is trying to break in to my home.” Joy could hear her television set beeping as the emergency broadcast system chimed in. “Ma’am, a terrible storm is approaching. You need to get to a… Read More
"In the hours before my 30th Birthday I had an Epiphany I stood in the mirror, naturally and embraced the essence of life. I pulled back some of the skin around my eyes. I searched for lines and wrinkles, skin blotching, and age lines around the corners of my mouth.… Read More
My inspirational thoughts is a collection of notes, advice, and keys to success. Without mistakes and failures one can not be successful. Tour my journey through sickness and health, which led me to a new beginning, and the Rebirth of my soul. Read More
What is Indian? Know the answer from the world renowned intellectual giants Read More

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Casey Keeler gets bored with her life, so her best friend introduces her to an online site where you can make new friends and chat on message boards. Bec Sales is tired of his father lecturing him about his flaws. To release some stress Bec finds a site that relaxes… Read More
Joy Anderson is a high profile Literary agent and journalist with whom owns her own magazine. Work is her muse, as the dynamics of her family are often stressful. Plagued with the responsibility that comes with being the eldest sibling she wears the hat of both mother sister and financier,… Read More
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