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February 13, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

BOOK 2 To NOBODY'S HERO!!! Ashley Purty was okay with his life. Or at least he thought he was, until he watches his best friend, Andy’s life fall apart before his eyes. Ash meets an annonomus girl at a party, and they spend hours together after and during the… Read More
The Blacks discuss the plan of Reenevating the new cave system in Valhalla, The blues catch up, and Agent Quartsite introduces himself to the Orange Team, who then discuss what to do next. Read More

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Blayke Hirigya is young girl, kicked out on the streets as a child. She has been homeless and poor for all of two years, begging. On a thread of gossip, she catches the fact that her formerly-favorite band would be playing at the local venue, a bowling alley. She decides… Read More
The doctor, A name known by people across the universe, But suddenly he disappeared what became of him? He regenerated and is now known as Andrew Biersack. Read More
After her dad died and her Famous boyfriend left her she fights to keep her band together. Along the road she falls for two lead singers. What will happen? Who will she pick? Read More
Ever imagined what it would be like to have THE Black Veil Brides attend your school with you through a competition... Well Clarrisa needn't wonder any longer... Please Read, comment, heart and/or follow? Please and thankyou :D Read More
Andy has made it completely to the top and doesn't realize what is about to happen when he meets the love of his life. Read More
My summer break was supposed to be quiet and normal. But how can it be that way when my crazy rich step-father sends Andy Biersack, lead singer of my favorite band to spend the entire break with me. Yeah, quiet my ass. Read More
she was abused....andy was there too help Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Jessica "Jess" and Andy have been best friends sence high school. But when Andy let's her stay with hem for a few weeks she realises how much they're perfect for each other, and that Andy has been in love with her sence when they met. Read More
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